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Champions League – Juve’s Possible Opponents

December 10, 2017

Juventus could face one of four Premier League sides, Besiktas or Paris Saint-Germain in tomorrows Champions League draw – Which team would you prefer to play?

The draw is less than 24 hours away and the Bianconeri have six possible opponents that they could face; Roma can’t be drawn as both sides are from the same country and Barcelona are not an option as they faced the Blaugrana in the group stages.

That leaves Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur or Liverpool from the Premier Leaue, Besiktas from the Turkish Süper Lig and Paris Saint-German from Ligue 1.

Vote below – Which side would you prefer to face? Feel free to comment in the section below with your reasons why.


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  • Personally, i’d prefer to face United or PSG.

    United for a number of reasons:
    1. We had some great European clashes against them and there’s some history there.
    2. I can’t stand Mourinho. A whining, bleating man-goat who spends his time trying to use second rate psychology against his opponents then complains about referees, injuries, the position of the sun, the moon and the stars. Horrid individual.
    3. I want to see Paul Pogba again.

    PSG simply because i want us to go at them and hopefully bring them down to earth. A horrible abomination of a state sponsored football club, fueled by fevered egos and primadonna’s. Those bastards need an awakening.

    Would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts?

    • ho Hi

      It will be City. Or Spurs….
      But yes like I always say let them come. Whoever that will be.
      We know who we are.

    • Youmni

      Obviously you don’t know anything about PSG’s history and identity, apart from the owners.
      Oh well, does it matter after all.. Same goes for me
      Personnaly i wish to face Juve, i can’t stand your conservative football principles and what this club represents in general.

      • Dar Black

        We don’t always play conservatively! The time we humiliated you 9 – 2 in the UEFA super cup final for instance! That’s not conservative is it? We destroyed you 1 – 6 at Parc De Princes in a devastating display. Happy days….

        • Youmni

          often, just admit it
          that’s what define italian way of playing, it’s part of your culture/club. Although i’m not a fan of it, you shouldn’t be ashamed
          As for this game, it was a disgraceful performance from PSG, i’ll agree to that.

          • Dar Black

            Forget about us, Ligue 1 sucks! C’mon it’s a laughing stock. Nobody cares a sh*t about it. No player of any note wants to go there without a big big dollape of your oil money. Why the hell would anybody go there? It’s like a slightly better quality version of the Scottish Premier League. Nothing more.

            No Juventus fan is ashamed Youmni. When you finally win something meaningful then you too can feel proud like we do. Until then your solitary Cup Winners Cup can take pride of place in your trophy room….. (I’m going to gloss over the Intertoto cup you won…..).

            I’ll leave you with a stat coutesy of Wikipedia.

            PSG’s most defeats in UEFA competitions: Juventus (– 6). Maybe there is something in this conservatism lark?

          • Youmni

            No club’s indentity can be defined by its owner, unless you’re
            idiotic. It’s mainly about history, the city and original symbols.
            Concerning PSG, it’s an aristocratic club with a popular base, with values reflecting Paris characteristics (elegance and creativity but aslo nonchalance and pretentiousness which can prejudice us sometimes).

            And guess what, although we can be considered as a young club compared to others, our european history exists. We won the Uefa winner’s cup in 1995-96, managing to classify many times in the semis of the former UCL.
            You can always invent and lie to yourself, but facts exist.

            i’ll just add this to your over-simplistic and erroneous comment : if you
            were a inventive club, with a great style of play , you wouldn’t have lost so many finals ; by beeing constatly dominated with/off the ball (just watch your last final against Real)
            am i wrong ?

            also note i didn’t use Calciopoli scandal and others things you shouldn’t be pride of to define your club.

          • You club is owned by Qatar. Everything else you have to say is obsolete.
            You also bottled a massive lead against Barcelona then decided the only way to beat them, or teams of their caliber was to spend the GDP of a small nation.
            Nothing you say is relevant amico.
            Go back to Ligue 1 where you can spread this kind of nonsense and have people take you seriously.

  • Dar Black

    Besiktas. We need the weaker of the bunch right now. Sorry, but we are still too unsettled, too all over the place and vulnerable to face any of the others without fear of defeat.

  • Artan Pendavinji

    Motherfucker Bayern take Besictas, they Bayern have big fucken luck like prostitutas,,,