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Corentin Tolisso: ‘Juventus are a level above Roma’

March 15, 2017

Summer transfer target Corentin Tolisso believes Juventus are on another level to Europa League opponents AS Roma.

Speaking ahead of Thursday’s clash at the Stadio Olimpico, the French midfielder turned his attention to Serie A and the reports of a possible deal with the Bianconeri.

“An agreement with Juventus? I don’t want to talk about it, the reality is right now I’m at Lyon and I have a contract until 2020,” the Frenchman told Le Progres.

“Without denigrating Roma, Juve are top of Serie A so I think they’re a level above. But we were able to cause problems for both teams at home thanks to excellent second halves.

“We have a lot of hope after the great second half played in the first leg. We have to play the same way because if we set ourselves up to defend we could have problems. The Romans live for football and Roma want to retrieve something from the match.

“On an offensive level our potential is considerable, we have excellent players. We have to play as we know how, trying to impose our own pace on the game. We’re aiming for the final.”

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  • Gerald Quinn

    Go Monaco!!!!Fuck Danilo, we should go after Mendy

  • Jas

    Tolisso might be the last piece of the puzzle. I think it will be a bargain if we get him for $40 million in this market, keep in mind he has 11 goals and 5 assists already! This is extremely productive for a central midfielder, especially one on a average team like Lyon. I know they have lacazatte and have acquired depay, but 5th place in the French league is just average in my opinion. Fairly certain he will be a stater if we sign him, that means mandzukic will probably be sold in the summer and we will move to a more traditional 4-4-2 formation, unless by some miracle orsolini lights up and we switch to 4-3-3. But that seems rather unlikely as I think you’d need 3 world class forwards if you’re only packing 3 midfielders. If Tolisso is this good at 22 than 40 million will truely be a bargain, think of his upside! Personally I hope this move materializes, we haven’t had a hustler since Vidal, this is the last piece of the puzzle boys.

    • Gerald Quinn

      Tolisso is Pure Class, and would be a mojor upgrade on Mandzukic!, We should also get Mendy or Danilo and get rid of Lichsteiner

      • Mixalis Neskis

        What does Tolisso has to do with Mandzukic? The younger one is an MC the Croat is a ST! So no comparison there! You could though compare him to Sami, they have more or less the same technical attributes, Sami has more experiense but Tolisso is far more energetic…..!

        @ Jas, 4-4-2? 20 years ago, or if we bring in Ranieri in……!A 4-3-3 would be ideal, move Dybala to the right wing, with Juan as back up, Pjaca starts on the left with Orsolini behind him and up front Pipita and Kean! The midfield will look like Pjanic , Tolisso , Marchisio and the back line as it is, with Rugani to play even more.

        By the way , congrats to Monaco for kicking out MC!

        Ps: Am I the only one who wants every single wide player(namely: Lemar,Silva, Sidibe, Mendy) from Monaco to sign for us?

        • Jas

          The reason I’ve mentioned mandzukic is because he mostly plays as a left midfielder now… have you been watching Juve lol

          • Mixalis Neskis

            Watching Juve?I am a hardcore Inter fun…: p

            Mandzukic is playing on the left, that one you got right, but his funktion is that of an inside forward! The role is far more attacking minded, like a winger , but instead of opting for a cross, he cuts inside!Tolisso on the other hand is more of a central mid, I admit he can play as an RB if needed, but a left winger? Even Pogba (who likes to play as the left on a three mid midfield) would have troubles play that wide and up top!

          • Gerald Quinn

            The reason i mentioned Tolisso and Mandzukic in the same sentence and with a direct comparison is because With the addition of Tolisso there is no room for Mandzukic in the team (as JAS said Mandzukic is mostly a LM now, as well as Both players being Superb at scoring Headers.

        • BelgianJuventino

          Nice prediction you did on them mate, I hadn’t expected them to beat City! Don’t want to draw Monaco though, would be ‘boring’ since we’ve had them only 2 seasons ago.

          Though I would almost dare to bet Monaco and Leicester will be paired. There always seems to be a match-up where two ‘small’ teams are matched up.

        • Xx RForcE xX

          you would kill dybala if you play him as a winger

      • Alexandru Guzzonato

        Oh, don’t worry about the right side. Pol Lirola is ready.

  • Other than what I have seen of Tolisso, I am very keen on his signing for he has the name of one of the most cunning, capable and resourceful legal villains of Balzac’s Human Comedy. Probably the only serious rival to the superb and supreme Vautrin. I strongly urge anyone with an interest in not just classic but powerful reckoning of the human condition to seek out A Harlot High and Low, and for further Corentin, The Chouans. I have embraced 19 of Balzac’s novels in the last 12 months, and remain, keen to place his talent as one of the finest of all times. And the conclusion is that as a species, we have barely changed in several centuries…Other than we have become more dumb and prone to stepping in tune to the Grand Deceiver….I’d rather seek Vautrin, yet a Corentin would be a stunning second choice.

    • Mixalis Neskis

      Well I just like the way he plays…lol! Joking apart, I am intrigued from Balzack and I will definety give him a try.

      What is your opinion about Youri Tielemans?There are rumours out there that we are interested on him….I mean, his statts are great.For a player of his age and position to score and create that much, he has to have the talent, but is he going to make it with the italian more tactical approach?

      • Xx RForcE xX

        youri would be fantastic signing.Can play in 2 men midfield or as CAM, has a missile shot a great vision, exactly what we need and his age is great bonus.