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Juventus 1-2 Fiorentina Coppa Italia Match Report

March 5, 2015


Juventus 1-2 Fiorentina

Scorers: Salah 11, 56 (F), Llorente 23 (J)

Coppa Italia  – Semi-Final First leg [Thursday, 5th March – 19:45 GMT] – Juventus Stadium

Mohamed Salah scored a superb brace to give Fiorentina a deserved 2-1 victory while ending Juve’s unbeaten home record.

The Tuscans extended their own undefeated-streak to 13 games in all competitions at the expense of Juve’s 42 match unbeaten home record, a run which stretched back to a April 2013 when the Bianconeri lost to Bayern Munch.

Juve were missing Andrea Pirlo, Romulo and Kwadwo Asamoah to injury, but Paul Pogba returned to the starting lineup having recovered from a thigh problem. Khouma Babacar, Stefan Savic, Nenad Tomovic, David Pizarro, Giuseppe Rossi, Ciprian Tatarusanu and Federico Bernardeschi didn’t make the trip to Turin.

Arturo Vidal started brightly for the hosts, but both his efforts were off target, while Jasmin Kurtic volleyed his effort wide of Storari’s far post.

Juve looked sluggish and a off the pace and it was Fiorentina who capitalised through a superb solo effort from Mohamed Salah. Juve’s corner was cleared and the Egyptian pushed forward on the counter-attack from inside his own half, leaving Simone Padoin in his wake, to fire into the top corner.

Juve responded almost immediately when Simone Pepe fired in a perfect cross from the right for Fernando Llorenteto head home off the upright.

Fiorentina continued to test Juve and Marco Storari palmed a Mati Fernandez strike out from under the bar before Jose Maria Basanta diving header hit the post.

Kingsley Coman suffered an early knock after a nasty tackle from Kurtic and eventually limped off to be replaced by Carlos Tevez.

Fiorentina picked up where they left off as they dominated the early minutes of the second half. Sure enough, the pressure paid off as Salah completed his brace to take his tally to  six goals in  seven games for the Viola, slotting past Storari with the inside of his left foot.

Gomez wasted another fine chance for Fiorentina before Norberto Neto performed a stunning reaction save to deny Tevez from point-blank range. Neto was called into action again just minutes later as he fingertipped a Pogba cross-shot over the bar, smashing into the upright as he did so.

Juve pushed forward in the dying minutes but the pressure came to nothing, leaving the Bianconeri with everything to do in the away leg in Florence on 7th April.



foot12 Man of the Match: Fernando Llorente

foot13  Flop of the Match: Claudio Marchiso/Simone Padoin

foot11  Fouls: 13

foot14  Corners: 6

foot05  Pass Accuracy: 86%

foot00  Shots on Target: 4

foot07  Total Shots: 18

foot01  Ball Possession: 56%

foot08  Formation:  4-3-3






Juventus: Storari; Caceres, Bonucci, Ogbonna, Padoin; Vidal, Marchisio, Pogba; Pepe (Pereyra 72), Llorente (Morata 58), Coman (Tevez 36)

Fiorentina: Neto; Richards, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Basanta, Alonso; Kurtic, Badelj (Aquilani 77), Mati Fernandez; Joaquin, Mario Gomez (Ilicic 62), Salah (Diamanti 75)

Ref: Valeri



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  • BelgianJuventino

    I don’t have a man of the match for this one, poor display overall

    • dinodelfino

      i feel the same…..losing at home against them bastards,FUCK!

  • BelgianJuventino

    I feel like pointing fingers to Storari, Ogbonna and Pepe, they start a game for once and we lose it 1-2..

    But that’s probably being too harsh on them and nothing more than an emotional reaction. However the team failed and these 3 have no excuse to be so bad, they aren’t fatigued and should be thrilled to get a chance to show what they can. Rating them on this, not even Serie B teams would want them.

    Storari imo is only good for being a fun guy to have around, as a player he’s just not up to this. He might have been once, but that period is called ancient history. Same goes for Pepe, also only good to have around as a fun guy who boosts team morale. As a player he’s just too bad. Ogbonna then, I have no idea why we paid 15mill for this guy. He’s okay but you can buy far better defenders with that kind of money. Has the potential to become better but I doubt he’ll do so at Juve.

    Not even going to mention Padoin and what Juve should be doing with him. I had slightly higher hopes after his recent good performances, but those are crushed again.

    For the return game, play the best team to try and reach the final or just don’t even bother showing up.

    • Peter

      Ogbonna is trash, not okay. Check the replays of Salah’s second goal. You’ll see all the effort he put into his game.
      It’s a shame we didn’t get to see De Ceglie and Matri last night, those two would have completed the team.

      • BelgianJuventino

        Ogbonna had a few games where he was really good but it’s been a long time.. In any case we agree that he isn’t worth 15 mill, we’ll never get that back for him either.. Good point actually, at this rate we could probably also field Rubinho as a striker or something. If Padoin is good enough to play as a RB then why not Rubinho as striker!

        I’ll check the highlights of the game tonight, I missed every goal but apparently Padoin and Ogbonna were guilty for those goals

        • Papilaya(John)™★★★

          F*ck Obgonna. Its not the quality of him we re talking about, its the lack of care and drive that piece crap showed. He nonchalantly watched as Salah ran by him and scored. What kind of professional does that and a defender too. Chiellini may be having an off season, but theres no way he wouldve just allowed salah to run down the pk box or even the center of the pitch with such ease.

          Modern day football is too soft. Im sure a stunt like that during the times of the Maldinis, Nestas, Cannavaro etc, his ass wouldve been long gone. Rescind his contract; thats the bs i dont wanna see.

          • BelgianJuventino

            Yeah okay I watched the goals, the second one Ogbonna is just not giving a shit.. First goal is all Padoins fault. If you’re not a pacey defender you need perfect positioning. Unfortunately he has neither.

            Chiello would have tried anything to stop Salah, though if he would have been able to do something about it I’m pretty sure he’d get a yellow or a red for the action he undertakes xD

            In those days the Ogbonnas of the world were playing for the likes of Cesena, not the top teams. So nobody would care too much back then either.

          • Peter

            Cesena fans would be pissed AF for that too. You can’t even pull this off with your friends in your Sunday league…

      • Papilaya(John)™★★★

        Yup, was about to say that. Piece crap. I lost all my respect for him there. Marchisio f*cked up and maybe even Vidal for putting him in that situation, but Obgonna showed no care at all.

    • Papilaya(John)™★★★

      I camt blame Pepe or Storari. They did no wrong. Where was Vidal, Llorente, Coman, and even Marchisio? Pogba wont go on that list bevause even tho he was basically non existent going forward, he did a lot of defensive work. The whole team was crap.

      • BelgianJuventino

        I’m not blaming them for the loss, but they don’t belong at Juve. Vidal has been struggling all season to get into top form and Marchisio might be feeling fatigue, seems for Pogba. They had a bad game but we know that they have quality to show. Storari, Padoin and Pepe just don’t. Pepe can get an impressive goal against the lower placed teams every once in a while but that’s it.

        Coman was taken off in the first half so can’t imagine he was that terrible, might have been bad but this kid has talent glowing all over him.

        In any case this was an awful game, but sometimes a defeat can sting so badly that we beat the crap out of the next few opponents we get. We’ll see

  • tpick

    Pogba agrees a move? Doubtful. Cavani/Ibra + Moura/Pastore + $$$ and we can talk. Ibra-Tevez. haha. suck a dick Europe.

    • BelgianJuventino

      I wouldn’t want Ibra, he’s too old to be used in a deal for Pogba. rather see Pogba go somewhere else too for that matter

      • tpick

        Ibra… too old? Ninjas don’t age. Look at Chuck Norris.

        • BelgianJuventino

          Haha, in Europe this ninja doesn’t score all too often and i prefer teenage ninjas these days, this particular experienced ninja is also not all too loved by the fans

          • tpick

            Not loved by the fans? In Italy? Have you seen how he dresses? How he talks highly about himself? Or the hair, look at the perfect hair. Those are requisites for being universally loved in Italy. Literally, that’s it. You dress well? Have nice hair? Think you’re better than everyone? Welcome to Italy!

          • BelgianJuventino

            I know you’re just joking around but Ibra is kinda hated among the older Juvefans and probably a lot of the young ones too. I’d like him back at Juve for the nostalgia but that’s pretty much it :p

  • tpick

    Arsenal has been cleared to sign Alvaro Morata with Juventus willing
    to accept 60 million pounds for the striker. Juve and Real Madrid, which
    retains a buy-back option, are willing to sell him and split the cash.

    Source: Metro

    Haha, 60m for Morata? You are on drugs if you spend that, Arsene, by all means, though, do it.

    • BelgianJuventino

      pounds, not euros? That is a boatload of money. I’d be sad to see Morata go but for that money(even though we only get half) I guess we wouldn’t do so bad.

      Rather keep Morata at Juve for a looong time though. With time and guidance I really believe this guy is hitting world class one day

      • tpick

        He will stay with us. I don’t see Real actually buying him back, or us selling him within the time frame of the buy back. It’s always something to consider, given the buy back option, but I don’t think they will.

        • BelgianJuventino

          Not so sure, I see Real buying him back even if they don’t intend to keep him, they can easily sell him off again and make a nice profit on it. Perez won’t shy away from such deals

    • because Arsenal would spend that – sure ! Metro is one of the absolute worst, along with Express and Mail

      • tpick

        They wouldn’t, but I found humor in it, so I had to share and comment. 60m for Morata is like paying 12.5m for Jorge Martinez. Nobody is that dumb….

        • adp1974

          Marotta was.

  • BelgianJuventino

    Have to add this, I’ve watched the highlights and I need to give Storari some more credit than I initially did. He had a pretty good game. Just his defense letting him down, ain’t that right Padoin and Ogbonna?

  • adp1974

    There’s a little piece of Juventus in an all canadian match up tonight in the MLS Season Opener… Toronto FC vs. Vancouver White Caps. A long time Juventino, a Juve youth product, born in Torino… Sebastian Giovinco. Can’t wait to see him dazzle people here, I think the city is going to love him once they see how dynamic he can be. Personally, I think he’s gonna light it up and will become one of, if not the best player in MLS for the next few years …

    • tpick

      Did you watch the friendly highlights against the Costa Rica U-whatever team? Gio is a top-5 MLS player going into the season.

      • adp1974

        I saw it .. For sure. He’ll do well here and the huge italian population has taken to him here, especially the huge Juventus fan base in this city. I have friends who have been chaperoning him around town, he’s been to restaurants in my neighbourhood, I love this guy. I live a 10 minute walk to TFC’s stadium…

    • JosephVitale

      im so excited for this match. Definately going to a couple of games this year

      • adp1974

        nice set up from Seba.

    • DutchJuve

      He missed a big chance and seconds later Vancouver score 1-0. It kinda seems like he’s not feeling at home yet.

      • adp1974

        No, that’s just typical TFC. They’ve been a pathetic team since their inception, like really bad.

      • adp1974

        he assisted on a sweet goal for altidore.. tied 1-1.

    • Papilaya(John)™★★★

      He will be mls’s best player. Hes in hos peak age and hes allowed to relax and have fun. If i were him,id be tearing up the mls.

  • DutchJuve

    1-1. That was a nice goal.

    • DutchJuve

      Gio assist 😀