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Juventus to target Alexis Sanchez

February 15, 2017

Juventus are targeting Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez this summer to add to their attack.

With the shift in formation and tactics, Max Allegri’s 4-2-3-1 system has forced a change in priorities in the next transfer window.

While Lyon midfielder Corentin Tolisso is still the number one objective for the midfield, the Bianconeri are also looking for a forward to play on the left-side of attack.

Tuttosport report that Sanchez has already rejected a £180,000 per week improved contract from Arsenal while Juve are preparing an offer of their own for the Chilean striker.

Juve were previously linked with Sanchez before his move to Barcelona and his subsequent transfer to the Gunners.

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  • We have liked him for many moons. The price will be high. Surely at least 40-50m. We can afford it, yet need to work out where we are headed formation wise then get rid of some of the second string before making a major signing.

    I would say Lemina and Benatia will be out. Not sure if the club will decide between Sturaro and Rincon.

    What would make me happy would be to see Clemenza bypass the loan rites of passage and head into the first team squad. Kean in turn!

    • Juventino Persa

      Sanchez is a world class player, well suited for LW or LAM in either 4-2-3-1, or 4-3-3, energetic with a good work-rate, and his combination with Dybala and Higuain would be mouthwatering…
      But his pricetag and age is a bit of problem for me. Spending a fortune for another 28-29 years old is bit too much, I would rather break the bank for Verratti, only if PSG would let him go… Last night I was watching him against Barça and always imagined him in our Bianconeri colours!

      • Peter

        We don’t really need him for more than 3 years anyway. IF he can help us win the CL while he’s here, he’s absolutely worth the price. Success will bring us more youngsters later on, we only need to be on the absolute top for a couple of years.

        • Ted Johnson

          Exactly! Also, Juve is a team who consistently produces and signs some of the best youngsters in the world. They also are a team who builds for future while building for present. Look no further than the purchases of Pjaca, Orsolini, Mandragora, and development of Kean and Pol Lirola to see that Juve doesn’t need to splash on youngsters that they already have.

          • Storm

            Fully agree here, although a champions league win might quickly be forgotten (by youngsters). However, compared to Arsenal you see how much more players at Juve grow due to success and the pressure to remain number one.

    • Dar Black

      Can’t see where he would fit though GP. His runs from 3/4 midfield into the box will surely squash up/out the Argentine duo, and Sanchez can never be disciplined to stay in central midfield. Unless we say goodbye to Dybala, as right now with Paulo playing deeper he is in plum Sanchez territory and natural role (at Arsenal anyway). Alexis is not a box lurker, so can’t see a trio in the making here.

      • Dybala can easily play higher up the field. We would see more goals and assist and whilst his deep foraging is useful, he falls over as often as he tries to bustle through and I believe we are actually wasting some of his potential in the present system. Whilst his dribbling and turn of pace are decent, its that wand of a left foot I wish to see more of in the final third, which happens less when he is roaming often very centrally on both flanks.

        Something for Allegri to address. Dybala higher, playing off Higuain one side and Sanchez playing off the the striker on the other side.

        Something like a…

        Pjanic Khedira Marchiso

        Dybala Higuain Sanchez

        4-3-3. Could work. Though I have no major interest in signing Sanchez. i think we are fin in attack. We just need to sort out our midfield options. And get rid of Alves and bring in a new RB…De Sciglio!

        Really that is all we need for next season. Nothing major elsewhere. Blow 20-30 on Mattia. Confirm the serb lad from Germany. other than which we are fine for another campaign. Just let eh squad grow.

        Only other possibility is bringing in a highly talented young keeper, to begin learning from Gigi and becoming part of the club. That is a trick situation and I am intrigued to see how the club handle the retirement of Santo Buffon…which might come after the 18 world cup, or the season after at latest I assume.

  • ho Hi

    I dont like him. He wont suit to us.

    • Peter

      I disagree, I think he will be great. He was already impressive in the Serie A before, he was great in Barca, and he is great in Arsenal.

      • Ted Johnson

        Totally agree…would make an amazing trident with Dybala and Higuain, Exactly what Juve needs.

  • EricJuve

    Juve should wait two more years to get him. At this point in his career he would be not suitable financially wise. If Juve want him now, I would offer him the contract and ask him to commit to his current contract and force a sell of Pjanic, who is a flop and a waste of money.

    • Storm

      I think your points are very questionable.

      To wait two more years would definitely bring down the value of Sancez, but most likely he would find a club to whom he would be committed.

      How does a purchase of Sancez relate to a sale of Pjanic? Who btw. is adapting every game and really finding his spot. To call him a flop and waste of money is a hasty comment, even though it has taken time for him to settle

      • EricJuve

        I don’t believe Juve should be desperate enough to spend too much money on a player who is reaching the latter stages of his career. We have enough quality upfront to challenge on all competitions if used correctly, but Allegri is not that coach who exploits attackers potential.

        Spending 30+ million on a player past age 26 is not sound business to me, but maybe for you?

        I do believe Sanchez professionalism can keep him playing in form well past 30.

        • Ted Johnson

          We just spent 3x that amount for a player 2 years older than what you said. That player is not only leading our team but the entire league in goals scored. He also is the reason we’ve won several key games (Napoli, Roma, Lyon, etc.) So was spending that money a mistake?

    • Peter

      I’m not his agent, but… Sanchez is probably upset about not winning anything interesting with Arsenal. He probably wants to win stuff now. We can’t really wait for him, or tell him to wait for us, because we don’t want to pay for him. He has already proved everywhere, that he’s worth the money.

    • BelgianJuventino

      I dont get the logic of this idea at all. Wait until Sanchez is 30 to get him? To force someone you apparently see as a flop forced out after another 2 years?

      • EricJuve

        No, if Juve decide to go for Sanchez now they will do good in selling Pjanic now.

        Besides, Sanchez can outperform Pjanic in the midfield plus also provide an outstanding effort in the forward line.

        • BelgianJuventino

          Sorry mate, I fully disagree. Pjanic is doing fine and Alexis is no priority for me. He’s a good player, but not one we lack

  • Storm

    Personally, I have always been a fan of Sancez who has the same spirit as Tevez in my eyes. A hard worker with skills who can be deciding for any team on his own.

    We get back to the discussion of expensive players just past their peak (27-28 is peak right?), players which are performing brilliant and could fit out team. It is a tough decision and the question might well come down to, who are we opting not to buy if Sanchez is welcomed to Turin?

    • BelgianJuventino

      Can only think of Berardi

  • BelgianJuventino

    Anyone else having a déja vu here? This is probably the 27th time we are reported to hunt after Sanchez.

    I dont believe a word of it and even if so, Sanchez chose Barca over Juve and then Arsenal over Juve. Why would he come now?

    He wasnt good enough for Barca, yet he is too good for Arsenal. He want to play a lot and win a lot. He had the latter at barca and has the former currently.

    He could probably combine both at Juve but again, I just dont see it happening

  • aphrxia

    Please invest on Italian youth and give room to youngsters. We’re slowly lose our Italian identity and it’s disgust me.

  • Stefan Ødis

    Sanchez, Lacazette or Mbappe..