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Kwadwo Asamoah out, Leonardo Spinazzola in

August 11, 2017

Kwadwo Asamoah could be set to join Galatasaray, but not before Juventus bring Leonardo Spinazzola back from Atalanta.

Juventus are looking to upgrade the flanks and could find cover for both the right and left side of the pitch by bringing back Leonardo Spinazzola from his remaining year-long loan at Atalanta.

The Orobici have stood fast so far in keeping the 24-year-old full-back at the club, however the players desire to return to Turin could be the deciding factor in his early return.

According to Goal Italia journalist Romeo Agresti, Juve are pushing for Spinazzola’s return and this could in turn facilitate Kwadwo Asamoah’s move to Galatasaray.

Agresti reports that the Ghanaian midfielder has an agreement in place for a 2.6m salary, however the Turkish side are yet to agree terms with Juventus.

Juve are reluctant to part with Asamoah, but could allow him to leave, should Spinazzola return to the club ahead of schedule.

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  • Basim Khan

    Loveeeeee this.

  • Apologies to the regular site users – This summer has been absolutely mad and trying to stay on top of it has resulted in loads of questionable content being posted, largely to keep the site running for the remainder of the year. It’s a necessary evil and keeps the funding in the kitty to pay for the rest of the year, hence the sponsored posts and strange sentences in some of the stories.
    With the transfer window closing in a couple of weeks and the return of ACTUAL football, i’m hoping to go back to the quality stuff – TGP’s articles, Enrico’s match previews and actual content as opposed to transfer gumph.

    If you can think of anything else you’d like to see on the site – A redesign, a new layout, anything at all, i’m open to all ideas and suggestions.

    Hopefully the supercoppa will being some of the regular folks back so we can get back to discussing things properly.

    Thanks for tolerating the garbage – believe me, in this modern era of football publishing, it keeps the wolf from the door and keeps us independent and able to work from the heart.


    • Dar Black

      Did I imagine a paypal link for donations? Why not consider it? Or can you do something like Patreon? Surely for most of us regulars to guarantee the site continues we can all chip in a few bob? I see hosting packages from 3$ a month at a large US site hosting provider, including Word Press. Is that figure way off the costs Rav, and if so is that because of traffic or database storage? How much would each of the regulars need to contribute to cover the monthly costs?

      • VonKellef

        I’m with you on that one Dar Black. I for one would be glad to help keep this site running.

        • I love you both 😉

          You’re both too damn kind lads. It’s been over 15 years since the site started and it was a one-man-band for much of that time.
          Keeping it alive now is a labour or love.
          Hosting is with DreamHost but we have a few additional extras that i won’t go into here – All of which help keep the site ticking over.

          I welcome the offer for donations, thats so generous of you both, but thankfully the sponsored posts have more than funded the hosting costs for the remainder of the year and into the next which is great for me.

          Worry not my friends, we will be back to normaly in no time and focusing on the matches and players as opposed to transfer garbage !

  • Spinazzola……so looking forward to having him dashing up and down the flanks – Looks a real talent, ready for Europe, ready for the big league. Competent young lad, tidy dribbler, great in the final third, improved on his defending. I really hope we pull this off.
    Best of all, he can cover the right as well which saves us having to go for Cancelo…..although i’d like his addition as well – the FB positions need some rejuvenation (pun intended)

    • I’ll try and absorb some of your enthusiasm, my friend…No doubt you have seen more of him than my own eyes, as many others have.

  • Peska Djarmad

    this is good move for the flanks..But still waiting a move for strong figure on the middle..we have a creative player in the middle but we still need a strong defensive midfielder just like old time we have Zidane and present we already have Zidane on Pjanic but still need figure like Davids for this time..

  • Antonio Muto

    I’d be happy to see Spinazzola at Juve however I believe Asamoah should be kept for another year at least. Too many changes aren’t good for the side. Asamoah can play LWB/LWM/CDM so he is versatile and has good experience. Two unexpected exits from Dani Alves and Bonucci really made it difficult for Marotta this summer. Dissaponted that we did not sign Shick particularly after he had a really good U-21 Euros.

    • Kaan

      Comen asamoah wants to play regularly lineup11.In addition he deserves it.maybe he should go for his good

  • Naharnia

    For the love of god 9 million for him is not gonna help us at all. Not to mention shipping rincon for loan rather than selling him outright seems like we aren’t very fond of incoming cash. Now this guy plays 3 positions and they wanna send him for 9 million before securing our destroyer midfielder is pissing me off

  • As with Bonucci move, I am with Max on this one,..Yet players decide where they go, when at Juve. Which I respect.

    We look like signing a half decent left winger who will never play as a left winger, as Costa, Mandzukic, Bernardeschi, Pjaca, fuck…even Keita would likely be ahead of him in the pecking order…to replace LB who tackles, blocks, clears more naturally, probably double the amount per game.

    I see this as weakening the side. If Lichsteiner also leaves…3 of 4 squad fullbacks gone in one Summer is a very worrying turnover. No continuation of spirit or cohesion or brotherly love within the ranks out wide at the back where it hugely matters,

  • Give Leonardo Spinazzola the #19 out of spite