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OFFICIAL: Juan Cuadrado returns to Juventus on loan

August 31, 2016

Juventus have confirmed the signing of Juan Cuadrado on a €5m loan deal with an obligation to buy for €20m.

The Colombian winger is thought to have actively pushed for a return to Turin, telling Chelsea boss Antonio Conte that he had no wish to remain in London and that he wanted no team but Juventus.

Juve have confirmed the transfer via a statement on the clubs official website:

“Juventus Football Club can today confirm that an agreement has been reached with Chelsea for the loan of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Bello until 30 June 2019, for an annual consideration of €5 million.

“Juventus has the right to acquire the player on a permanent basis, or will be obliged to upon the achievement of agreed team results during the loan period, for a fee of €25 million, payable in three financial years, minus the loan fees already paid.

“Should Juventus achieve certain sporting results during the player’s contract of employment, the club will owe Chelsea an additional €4 million in contingent payments.”

Cuadrado played an instrumental part in Juve’s 2015/16 campaign, scoring the winning goal against Torino in last year’s Derby Della Mole. The Bianconeri went on an unbeaten run following that match, a run that ultimately saw them crowned Serie A champions.

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  • Garninho

    What happened with Axel?

    • BelgianJuventino

      Zenit asking for more money even now.

      • Papilaya(John)™★★★

        Yo, what was your twitter handle again? :p or username. Whatever you want to call it

        • BelgianJuventino

          Theoddjamie xD

          • Papilaya(John)™★★★

            Followed you :p

          • BelgianJuventino

            I’ll do the same once I’m back at home, I have no idea what my password is to log in on anything else XD

  • Xx RForcE xX

    it is 3 year loan deal

    • BelgianJuventino

      Its a loan with obligation to buy if X amount of games are played by Cuadrado. If that is reached, Juve pays another 20mill, spread over 3years.

  • elisadallomo

    The whole thing was so sweet, though.. and then his messages on social media as soon as it was done… aww, it made me like him even more.

    … and, listen, Beppe Marotta is a freaking genius. Three financial years. And it says “minus the loan fees already paid” which means it ends up being 25 m TOTAL, not 5 now and 25 later…. right??

    Either way, who cares. This guy is exactly the story we needed for this mercato… someone who wanted us bad – and very, very publicly. Forza Cuadrado and forza Juve!!!

    • BelgianJuventino

      25mill in total, yes. I dont see what we need him for in our Mercato or in our team though?

      Alves wanted us, Higuain did, Pjanic did, Pjaca did, Benatia did… And all of them are miles ahead of Cuadrado.

      What a waste. This is definitely the end of Lichtsteiner

      • elisadallomo

        I mean, of course they all wanted us, they agreed to come.. XD But he wanted us and was very vocal about it even while playing for another team. It just feels like the plot for a made-for-tv movie and I kinda like it.

        Don’t even mention Lichty… I have such a combination of feelings in my heart right now. He’s the personification of “fino alla fine” for me and I really really don’t want him to go. But it looks like he wants to. I don’t blame him but I kinda do…..? Was he pushed by the club to ask for a move? Maybe. I kinda wanted him to stay and be like “I’ll fight for my spot, you’ll have to take it from me”. And graciously admit defeat, if such where the case…. but if he really does push for a move to Inter it’ll be like a slap in the face, though, and a clear “fuck you” to the club. And us. So, I don’t know, I hope they figure it out….

        • BelgianJuventino

          I really didnt want Cuadrado back. I wouldnt even take 10 cuadrados if it cost me Lichtsteiner.

          I cant blame him for it, he is obviously pushed out. First he loses his spot to that goon Alves and now he also has to suffer Cuadrado being picked over him? I would want to leave too.

          He was the first high quality RB we had since 2006-2007 and he deserves more respect than this. He was part of the original team that pushed Juve back to the top.

          Now Pjaca is also going to play even less than he already was going to play and for what, a soon to be 30year old who only offers a high speed sprint. Pfft.

          • Dybala


          • Papilaya(John)™★★★

            Well iy goes both ways. From what i understand, there were ongoing negotiations for a renewal, but idk what happened.

            Lichsteiner deserves respect of course, but alves adds much more to the attacking front than he. This is a profession. If he cant provide the status quo, then he deservedly belongs on the bench.

            Althoug we ve only played two games. He could very well be back in the starting line up. But if he feels threaten by a player who has won EVERYTHING, then he can go elsewhere.

            Regarding cuadrado. I see him playing as a RW this season and even less as a RWB. So lich shouldnt worry about that and if he is worried, then again… Toodles.

    • Sebastián Quiceno

      I think every player would want a fan comment like the one you just wrote. that was very sweet from you too.

      Apart from that I think it is 5 now + 20 later (lets say 7 mill a year from now, 7 mill the next year, and 6 mill in 3 years).

      Also I don´t think Cuadrado came to replace Lich (Maybe he would have and was brought just in case Lich had left, but it seems he didn´t).

      I think Cuadrado is back to be backup (or fight for 1st choice) to Pjaca be it as a winger in a 4-3-3 (A la Willian at chelsea) or as a CM in the 3-5-2 (So Lich will fight for his spot only with Alves, Cuadrado would be third choice for that position). I think Max wants to convert Cuadrado to CM just as he recently said Pjaca could play CM too, although obviously Pjaca´s is best known as a winger and (teaching Pjaca the position too)

      Max wants maximum versatility and depth and he thinks Cuadrado can help with that.

      So summarizing Cuadrado will be:
      – 2nd choice winger/central midfielder (Backup to Pjaca)
      – 3rd choice wingback (backup to Lich/Alves)

      • elisadallomo

        The whole transfer story just hit me right in the feels, what can I say. Plus, he’s a good guy.. not a troublemaker, very wholesome. Very much loved by everyone. Happy, positive.. hardworker.. doesn’t mind being benched…. I don’t know, he’s very likeable.

        I think Cuadrado might be used in a more offensive manner this year, I agree. Who would want three players for one spot? They don’t have it anywhere else.. I mean, they sold Zaza so they wouldn’t have three of the same. I also think Allegri is gonna use 4 in the back eventually.. as soon as he can. He hasn’t yet and I may be totally wrong but I feeeeel it in my bonessss.. XD Licht can play in a back 4, Alves/Cuadrado can’t.. so that’s another thing. I think there is space for Stephan if he chooses to stay and work.

        • Sebastián Quiceno

          I agree, because although he never had a troublemaking type of personality, I also know for a fact he happens to be Christian, (probably since a few years back).and attends a church I happen to know. So that most likely explains his behavior.

          I also agree he will be used more in his natural position which is winger. Many people criticize him but as far as I know he had never played wingback before coming to Juve (Nor at Medellín, Lecce, Fiorentina, nor at Chelsea). And nowhere do coaches require more tactical knowledge and intelligence than in Italy, so it was always going to require time for him to adapt to 3-5-2.

          Maybe now in a 4 man back formation he could perform better, because he not only can but also must improve his game compared to last year because being honest his performances were inconsistent.

          About Lich I think maybe he started getting worried about having to fight for a spot against Alves, specially with the prospect of Cuadrado coming. But hey he had a good run of being undisputed choice #1 at his position many years while every other player was competing for his spot.

          It was about time he faced some true competition on that flank, I am very grateful for his contribution for so many years but he should realize the height at which Juve are now and step up to the challenge rather than shy away. Juve has evolved so much throught the years.

          I think Lich will definitely have space specially in Serie A at 3-5-2 but Alves has to play the system too if he is to ever get to learn it.

          Besides there will be so many games there will be a chance for everyone to play. They have to acknowledge they are part of an elite team now and this season won´t be just a walk in the park.

          I am glad to see you commenting again Elisa, I always look forward to reading from you.

          This season is very promising

          • elisadallomo

            Agree that he needs to improve…. he’d drives me nuts when he stops right outside of the box to dribble or whatever it is he wants to do…. but I think he has the right attitude. He’ll either improve and help the team, or happily continue fighting for a spot. He’s happy at Juve….. one could even say “happiest”…. so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

            I agree, this season is shaping up to be one of our best, at least player-wise. There will be a period of adaptation but, as soon as the machine’s well oiled…. it’s gonna be so much fun to watch them.

          • BelgianJuventino

            Wait wait wait, because he is Christian and attends church, he is a good guy? XD

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            Cmon Belgian, do you think that would be the case? I think you get what I mean, anyway if not.

            One can never say anyone is a good person or not just because he attends a Christian church, specially if you don´t personally know the person, and even if you did your perception could still be totally wrong.

            I don´t know how acquainted you are with Christian churches but, I believe a good church, one where God actually is present can actually make you a better person.

            Now this is where it becomes tricky or contentious because this is the point where pretty much everyone questions whether God exists, whether one can find God in a given church, whether God can actually help you in anyway or is just a brat in the sky merely spying on us or enjoying our struggles, and I don´t intend to start a belief or religious debate at this forum, still as me having attended a Christian church I feel the zeal to address your inquiry.

            I just made a comment, anyone can interpret or take it anyway they want, Elisa might have taken it one way or another and so might you.

            Still i will explain myself. I´ll give you an example: the fact that you attend university doesn´t mean you will actually learn anything or be a good professional, but if you happen to be around there long enough, you believe in what you are doing and you do what you are supposed to do there, then chances are you are going to learn and be a good profesional. It all depends on God, and on you, not on the church.

            So does attending a good church automatically make you a good person? NO

            Does attending a good church where God is present put you on a straight path to be a good or better person? DEFINITELY YES.

            So what I was saying is his nature might be to be a calm type of person, because that is just how he is, and that since I know he attends certain church that might actually help him even more to come across as a better person because heck he might actually be even if unique or hard to believe (and it all depends on the eye of the beholder).

            Now by reading your comment I have 2 takeaways:

            – Either you question God´s present on that given church he happens to attend, and that attending could make him a better person.
            – Or you question Juan´s belief or dedication while attending it.

            i would just say the only one who should care about his progress there is Juan. We as human beings should only care about the fruit or the output from him attending (How he behaves to others). Now if Elisa says the output seems to look just fine maybe it is enough for her, it might or not be enough for his acquaintances or for you.

            I don´t know the guy, it doesn´t affect me at all, I just care about what he does on the pitch. Obviously on that regard you are not content with him, I am not completely satisfied either because to me he has been hot/cold on his performances, but now he has a new year to improve and prove himself worthy of the Juve shirt.

          • BelgianJuventino

            I was only checking, you made it sound like that was what you meant. Couldnt believe you meant that!

            I’m rather familiar with Christianity as a whole Seb, I game across the 3 big religions a lot in my studies at university and even did some research on my own into Christianity.

            I wont delve into a religion discussion, though I personally would like to. This just isnt the proper Place to do so.

            And just to reply on your idea’s of my perception, I am a convinced atheïst. I dont doubt Cuadrado’s sincerity as a believer, but I also wouldnt care if he wasnt.

            I am also going to reply here to your other comment, since I cant find it here anymore. I do not hate Cuadrado Seb. I just dont think he adds enough to this Juve. Period. If there is anyone I dislike kn the team, its Alves for his behaviour and I a trying hard to see past it ever since he arrived.

            As a final note: Cuadrado as a CM is a bad, really bad idea. He is a pure winger mate and he has trouble turning into a RWB, what on earth makes you think he is a viable CM? We have a plethora of options for CM even without Witsel and Cuadrado is not at all the physical présence we seek.

            So please, dont call me clueless for writing things you dont like.

  • BelgianJuventino

    Its not that I dislike Cuadrado, I dont have anything against him. I just dont think he is good enough for Juve/ adds anything we need. And on top of that, he pushes out a player we can well use.

    His arrival is a step backwards instead of forward.

    Cuadrados defending is utter shit and the same goes for Alves. Barzagli will have to do double shifts from now on.

    Losing Lichtsteiner for a pretty damn useless Cuadrado will bite us in the ass.

    • Sebastián Quiceno

      Why would management bring 3 players for a single position? they wouldn´t do that. What they will do is have players that give maximum versatility and depth.

      Cuadrado is not back to fight the spot with Lich or Alves, He would only be considered in there if either Alves or Lich got injured, wouldn´t you like that squad depth if Dani or Lich got injured?

      besides Cuadrado´s main reason to come back is to do the job Coman was supposed to do (learn to be a wingback until we could use him as winger in a 4-3-3, but the kid just couldn´t wait), Cuadrados arrival will allow max to use his preferred 4-3-and then we´ll see and be 2nd choice winger and fight for a starting spot with Pjaca.

      I agree he was cold/hot last season but right now we need him, specially now that Witsel´s deal fell through. Now max will have to convert either Pjaca or Cuadrado, or even both to Central Midfielder.

      Not only did Cuadrado come to be 2nd choice winger, and 3rd choice wingback but now he might feature as CM (pogba replacement) in the 3-5-2. one way or another I think we will see him play rather often.

      • BelgianJuventino

        Cuadrado doesnt offer versatility at all, he is a RW and you cant expect anything else than that from him, his defending is so bad he cant be rated a R(W)B.

        Alves and Lichtsteiner is all we needed there, Cuadrado is just a worse, but faster dani Alves. Alves defends badly and Cuadrado not at all.

        I dont agree we need him, we should have had Witsel or another Cm and be done with it.

        All I would see Cuadrado for is to terrorise weak teams with his speed. I dont want to see him anywhere near the CL squad, the likes of Bayern and Barcelona will destroy the right flank if he is there

        • Sebastián Quiceno

          YES I AM FOR REAL because I think Max won´t allow himself to not have depth in midfield even if it means teaching Pjaca or Cuadrado new tricks.

          So much for the talk about Juve being a club where players grow, which would mean they would no longer only perfect their natural positions but would also learn new tricks in terms of:
          – Technique
          – Physicality
          – Streetsmart, Savyyy Smartass Tricks



          As much as that may surprise you.

          I think Max:
          – will not only polish them in their natural positions in one of two systems 4-3-3,4-2-3-1/ 3-5-2 (of which all new players seem to happen to know just one)

          In which Cuadrado will play his natural winger position in a 4-3-3

          – But will also teach them NEW POSITIONS in a NEW SYSTEM

          In Which Cuadrado will keep learning (like it seems Allegri ask him to do for pretty much all of last year in case you didnt notice) to play Wingback (as much as it bothers you), and even now that pogba screwed us up and Witsel´s deal fell through) Max Aleggri might even teach Pjaca and maybe even Cuadrado to play CM ( As much as it bothers you even more).

          With all due respect belgian i think you are just clueless. I am kind of shocked.

          and please Stop hating Cuadrado. maybe you´ll have to thank him down the road. (Torino equaliser anyone?, Bayern goal that tied the draw anyone?)

      • Seb my friend, what the devil has got into you! Pjaca or Cuadrado converted to CM? This is lunacy.

        Perhaps Pjaca could be deployed as an trequartista, yet not at CM, that would be a complete waste of his talents dribbling, shooting, creating in the final third. As for Jaun? He is a half decent right winger, with poor distribution, little end product with bags of flair which often makes him beat his man then beat himself.

        The only positive of Witsel not coming in is that we can take him for cheap in January or for free next Summer. I have no idea of what Allegri is thinking, but assume he wants 4-3-3 or some form of that to allow width high up the field. The only thing we are lacking is what Witsel would have brought into the squad. Muscle, hustle and guile from deep, which would allow us to dictate the tempo as well as afford Pjanic in the middle far more breathing space. As things stand, we have Asamoah and Sturaro who can potentially do the dirty work at the back, yet neither are suited to this as they are far more box to box midfielders. And given Asamoah barely played last season, and before which he was a LWB, it may take time before he readjusts to a new role, whatever that role may be.

        • Sebastián Quiceno

          OH BOY!!! TGP you and Belgian (well and pretty much everyone at the forum) are making me work in here hehe XD.

          Let´s do this:
          – I will watch Colombia´s game see how Cuarado performs IN HIS NATURAL POSITION as RIGHT WINGER in a 4-2-3-1.
          – Then I will look up the link to where it is claimed Max Allegri said Pjaca could learn to play as CM (In a 3-5-2)
          – I already got the gazzetta piece where Dybala says he will play at a new and different position this year.

          And then i´ll come back to you (and everybody else) on how I am seeing it (I am no Max Allegri and there´s no way i can know 100% what he will do) I am only entitled to have a hunch on it.

        • Sebastián Quiceno

          Well TGP I finally found the source of lunacy: So I will briefly explain myself in this comment.

          Still as I am seeing (to my surprise) the narrative or thinking seems to be stuck in last year´s frame of thought and approach, and almost exclusively on the 3-5-2 I will go ahead and write a thorough post, probably by weekend giving my take on the mercato, the direction in which Juve seems to be heading, and how I see the signings will make up the squad. Just so that I try to shed some light or bring some clarity on some issues that seem to be confusing most, which from many sources I read and the actions management has made seem rather crystal clear to me..

          Now coming back to the Pjaca CM or Mezzala lunacy. Maybe Max thinks to be succesful he will need to actually think outside the box, hence why I am keeping my mind as open as possible (specially now that we have plenty of resources, except at midfield where we lack health, quality and edge).

          I hope lads here at JuveFC can have a more open mind about the direction Juve are heading and the latest developments. I am a bit shocked of how stuck in the past and on the 3-5-2 system the thinking appears to be and how much backlash have received some acquisitions like Alves or Cuadrado.

          If you read both and Tuttosport sources: it is plainly stated Max may be considering Pjaca as a Mezzala in the future because the kid has played the position at Dinamo
          “Tanto più in questo momento in cui Allegri si trova a corto di centrocampisti di qualità” (specially now that he is short on quality midfielders.

          In another comment (In the lazio game forum thread) I stated i think Allegri had a glimpse (was testing) of Pjaca as Second Striker pairing with Higuaín (maybe considering an eventual a tracking back or more backward positioned striker (Messi style- as he himself stated he could be asked to play between the opposition defense and midfield lines. Check the gazetta article) imagining that a 4312 doesn´t seem lunacy:

          Alves Bonucci Chiellini Alves
          Khedira Pjanic Marchisio
          Pjaca Higuain


          – Juventus, Pjaca “Pogba”. Allegri ci pensa
          In allenamento il croato arretrato mezzala. Tra i progetti tattici c’è anche il 3-4-2-1

          – Dybala reveals role change at Juventus:

          – TS: “Allegri sees a future interior of midfield to Pjaca. A Vinovo lessons on the defensive for Marko. He will be the true heir of Pogba?”

          I have of late started to dream of a Juve 3-4-1-2 system for as long as the Barzagli-Bonucci-Chiellini fortress lasts (Which in attack would be the same as a 4-3-1-2), a system with -1 midfielder and +1 attacking player (a Trequartista = Pjanic or even Dybala). think of a potential:

          Barzagli – Bonucci – Chiellini
          Alves – Khedira – Marchisio – Sandro
          Dybala/Pjaca – Higuaín


          • Seb! Great research, but…I think the message has been somewhat confused and muddled. There is nothing to be gained by playing Pjaca 20-30 metres deeper than where he has played so far in his career and shown great promise. Pogba was a box to box midfielder who operated up and down the left flank and through the middle. Rather than win the ball more often than not he found the ball at his feet in deep positions then drove forward as he is very hard to knock off the ball when in motion. However, he also has some defensive zeal, interceptions, blocks, aerial power, which does not seem at all Pjaca’s game.

            I believe Max was meaning that he could play Pjaca more centrally in a trequartista role. Which makes sense. Though what makes the most sense is to play players where they have proven at their finest. It is not at all common to purchase a player for many millions then immediately change his role significantly. And I do not believe this is the case with Pjaca.

            And yes, I have also focused on a 3-4-2-1 as likely to get the best out of the squad both at the back and up top. Or even a 4-2-4…Yet we do not have the midfield enforcer to play next to Pjanic in the middle.

    • elisadallomo

      …… unless Cuadrado can/will play in a different position. Like Sebastián said, we didn’t have a replacement for Lichty last year, only Cuadrado.. he was the only one who could manage it decently. But now that Licht/Alves will fight for that spot, maybe Cuadrado will be used elsewhere. I’m honestly not too familiar with how he plays outside of Juve, although I did like him in Fiorentina… but I think he could even play in front of Licht/Alves if need be, specially if we start using a 4-3-3… in fact, Licht could be one of the 4 in the back, with Barza and Bonucci in the middle of the four, and either Chiello or Evra on the left.

      ….. howeeeverrrrr, if it’s true that he said he wanted to go to Inter………… he’s got some ‘splaining to do. I love the guy but sometimes he’s like a kid throwing a tantrum. Like I said, if he lost his spot… it’s on him, too. Llorente lost his spot and, after a whole year of trying and not being able to get it back, he asked for/agreed to a transfer….. and he was nothing but a gentleman about it, too. Lichtsteiner being like “wah wah I’ll go to INTER then” is very immature……. let’s just say if it’s true it doesn’t sit well with me. Evra has lost his spot to Sandro for now and he’s not being a whiny brat (at least publicly). Stay and fight for it if you think you deserve it more than the other guy.

      And I’m a fan of Lichty! In fact, if I’d liked last year’s away jersey I was gonna get his number… but I didn’t like the pink, as much as I tried.

      • BelgianJuventino

        What other position can Cuadrado possibly fill besides RW? Alves and Cuadrado together is too offensive and leaves the entire right flank wide open.

        We need Lichtsteiner more than we need Alves or Cuadrado. His attack isnt world class but he doesnt ruin it either the way Cuadrado does by bombarding himself into a defender and hand the ball over to them.

        Lichtsteiner isnt a gentleman, he’s an asshole. Its just the truth xD besides that he is great to have and I hope he doesnt join another Serie A team.

        Lichtsteiner is a pure fighter, if anyone fails to see that, he should have his eyes checked.

        If we didnt get Alves too, I would be okay with Cuadrado. Both of them is useless. Let Pjaca play or he will walk, as Coman walked

        • elisadallomo

          I have no idea what other position he can fill, I’m sure we’ll see.. like I said, I don’t think they got him just to have 3 players for one spot. Licht himself can play in more than one position (at least two that I know of), so I’m assuming the same for almost every other player.

          Regarding Pjaca, I’m not worried one bit. Pjaca plays mostly on the left, Cuadrado plays mostly on the right. In fact, I have a suspicion that that’s how they’ll be used.. with either Mandzo or Higuaín in front of both.

          Regarding Coman, he walked ’cause he couldn’t handle it or didn’t wanna handle it or who knows. He was a starter in the first few games of the season before he walked, which meant that Allegri was more than ready to give him a chance. I don’t know if he could’ve done with us what he’s done with Bayern but, meh, I’m not too disappointed we didn’t get to find out.

          I also want Licht to stay… I’m a fan of his’, like I said before and have been saying for the past 5 years – he’s the personification of “fino alla fine” to me, a motto I might even get tattooed in the future. But I also want him to choose to stay and fight for us, not stay ’cause he had to. I did read his FB message but the fact that it came after the market had already closed gave me shifty eyes… I would’ve preferred to read it while it was still open. However, I will continue to support and cheer for him. As to whom will be better in that position…. I guess we’ll have to see. It will still be an exciting season, regardless.

          • BelgianJuventino

            There is no other position he can fill, simple as that.

            You can even watch highlights and see there that all he has to offer is speedy flashes and nothing consistent if you like!

            I’m glad Lichty is staying, for the rest I just dont care what the media makes out of it. Lichty for defense, Alves for offense. Cuadrado for err.. Filling the 11th spot I guess

  • Cuadrado’s pace is welcome, for it is something every team needs up top and we had sold our most fleet footed of strikers in Morata. He will help us to stretch teams and no doubt continue to cause as much dismay to his own fans as those supporting the opponents. Hopefully more of the latter, yet with Juan, such is his haphazard decision making, you really never can tell. I am focusing on the positive which is his pace and acceleration, which is valuable. He can also offer some balance in a 4-3-3 with perhaps Pjaca or Dybala on the left.

    However, the failure to procure a deep lying midfielder, capable of screening the defence, breaking up opposition attacks, affecting the tempo, retaining possession, creating from deep and supporting higher up the field is…a sizable failure on the part of the club. And it could well be the difference between success and failure at the top level. We must now hope and pray to whichever gods we prefer, that Marchisio comes back the same player he was and finds match sharpness swiftly, as early as Allegri has intimated i.e.back to full training in October. Even if he is ready to train properly by then, it could take at least a month or two for him to be eased back into competitive action and to gain sharpness.

    If we can get through the champions league group and Marchisio returns fine and dandy before the knock-out stages, the future remains very bright. Yet it seems unreasonable to place too much expectation upon a player who has suffered a very serious injury, from which some players are fine thereafter, yet some never recover to their previous levels.

    We have not one natural option for the DM position in the 3-5-2 and we have not replaced the ability of Pogba to pick the ball up deep, shield the ball and move the play forward. Hernanes is a natural CM/AM, as is Pjanic. We must now transition to a 4-3-3, rather than shoe-horn players into roles which does not suit their natural game.

    We saved 22m on Witsel, yet that was the risk we took when digging our heels in earlier in the transfer discussions. The apparent last minute bid for Baselli suggests that the club had identified the need for the deep lying midfielder and assumed that Witsel would be coming. Zenith fucked both us and their own player and will likely lose his best talents and try to sell him elsewhere to anyone but us in the Winter; which is another annoyance from the debacle. I believe he would have made our squad more complete than since the 2006 tribe of titans…

  • Jack Handey

    Welcome back, Cuadrado!! Whether it is to terrorize defenders for the first 60mins or plainly kill them in the last 30, he’ll have a huge role to play in Juve’s season.

    • BelgianJuventino

      Huge is kind of an overstatement, no? Crucial is already stretching it. He was neither last season and I doubt he will be much better this season, but he has his good moments.

  • Dybala

    I’m not too hot on this move.

    • BelgianJuventino

      Nothing special on it anyway, hopefully it doesnt chase Pjaca out, not a second Coman please

  • Papilaya(John)™★★★

    Well thst witsel fuasco was Bs. Zenit you crap bags.

    Anyways, that no longer matters. Marotta was world class god status this market. He gets a 9.5. We re in need of a physical presence but what he did this transfer market is legendary. Once we get witsel for free this winter, ill bump it up to a 10.

    Regarding Cuadrado:

    Love thguy for his loyalty and what he said. He belongs here and hes a skillful winger who adds great width to the attack and trickery.

    Great job Beppe. Love you

    • BelgianJuventino

      Great mercado indeed. We got so much quality in the team. A physical presence would have been great, but I think we can at the very least cope until January.

      Cuadrado is very “meh” for me, but at least he will work his ass off to do well

  • Peter

    If Zenit really messed up like that, they deserve it if Juve signs Witsel for free in January. Idiots.

    • Mate, his contract expires end of June next year. I believe from February onwards he can sign a pre-contract agreement with us or another club. I doubt we will pick him up in January, for he will be cup tied for the knock-out stages if we reach that far…And so we may as well wait, unless the price is a token gesture of a few million. No more.

      • Peter

        Absolutely, I was referring to the pre-contract agreement.

  • Papilaya(John)™★★★

    Was bored and in the skies, then later created this. Tell me this is as cool as i think it is :p

    • BelgianJuventino

      +1 Photoshop skills 😛

  • Papilaya(John)™★★★

    Btw anyone here familiar with the texas area? Specifically austin? Just moved here a week ago and would love to know where the best sports bars is for Matchday

    • VonKellef

      Never been to the States but I hope you will like it in Texas =)
      Got a new job?

  • Dar Black

    Cuadrado is welcome back, for he has his moments. I like that he wanted to come back rather than sit on a bench all season during matches, and go out spending his wages from Chelsea down the Kings Road on off days which he could have done.

    It’s worrying to read that other clubs in Serie A are putting in either Juve specific or domestic rival no sale clauses. How much that will hurt not sure, but can’t see any benefit to the recovery of the league in stopping inter-league transfers.

    Overall it’s been a good summer of purchases from our guys, but it’s consensus that we paid well over the odds for Higuain, and the back tracking of ZSP leading to our failure to get a DM is going to hurt, not in the league but in the CL. With Marchisio not giving perhaps optimal performances for quite a while, and always the chance of other injuries I really don’t think we have enough in midfield to get us over the finishing line to lift the CL trophy in Cardiff next year unless we get someone in January. I hope I am wrong, but I have nagging doubts that we are physically weaker in midfield overall than last year, and may get bullied by other teams because of that.

  • BelgianJuventino

    Lichtsteiner wrote on his Facebook page that the reports that he wants an Inter move are completely made up and he has no intention of leaving. He will stay and fight for our colours.

    This is such a relief for me. The guy is an asshole on the field but god, I love to have him here. Fucking field him Max!

    • elisadallomo

      …. listen…… there’s something I need to tell you…….

      • BelgianJuventino

        Not a local product!xD

        • elisadallomo

          I’m sorry. Hope this is better. As long as you share. I’m actually freaking out as well.

          • BelgianJuventino

            Now you’re talking!!

          • VonKellef

            That is some good beer. Nr.2 on my list after Hoegaarden =)
            Leffe is also good.

          • elisadallomo

            To be honest, Hoegaarden’s Wit Blanche is my fave Belgian beer. I tend to favor citrus beer during the Summer, so it’s perfect for me. But I thought this one would be more generally appreciated, since I’m sure we all needed at least one beer after yesterday’s news!

          • VonKellef

            At least one beer and a small glass of fernet branca. Agreed!

  • BelgianJuventino

    Also, on Witsel: I don’t get what Zenit did. They now have a disgruntled Witsel who will leave for peanuts or for free in January or the next summer.

    After this debacle I realise I actually would like Witsel at Juve. I hope he is sold to the idea of playing for Juve and that we can welcome him in 2017, be it in the winter or summer.

    • Peter

      They should be looking for a legal loophole or something. Like break Witsel’s contract over nothing, and sell a bottle of Vodka to Juve for €15m or something.

    • They had no replacement for him. They had set their price. We raised our offer close to the transfer deadline, they considered and accepted, sought a replacement who they were unable to procure. I do not see Zenith as playing some form of trick or treat routine…

      He was available much earlier in the window. We could have raised our offer much earlier, but we chose not to, instead taking into consideration his contractual position and assuming they would be more open to offers closer to deadline day when it may well prove a case of taking less than they had wanted or losing 22m we offered. He is one of their best players and with a domestic title and european competition to contend with, it would be akin to harakiri to sell their midfield enforcer/deep lying playmaker with nobody to don his boots thereafter…

      Only interesting aspect is that I believe by playing in the Europa League Witsel will not be cup tied for the Champions League…so January we can take him.

      • BelgianJuventino

        Yes, at the time I wrote this, it wasnt reported yet there was no deal for replacement with Benfica.

        Besides that, concerning Juve, I dont think Witsel was the priority target, chasing Matuidi so long showed that.

        Can he play CL after playing EL? That could be great!

  • Dar Black

    Cuadrado coming back is fine. It’s a clever deal, and pretty cheap for a player who can change a game from time to time. No problem with that. The Witsel debacle is I fear going to come back and haunt us, as the failure to procure a DM is rather serious to my eyes.

    Whilst our guys have turned in a great overall transfer ‘nest’ of new players (yes we paid well over the odds for Higuain, but leaving that aside), I have real doubts that we have enough in midfield to get us over the line in the final of the CL in Cardiff next year. With Marchisio perhaps not back to peak performance for many months I fear we are both physically and energetically weaker in midfield than we were last year, and because of that we may get bullied by some of the top teams.

    I will be happy to be wrong about this, but imagine if Marchisio is not back to his best and Sami gets injured… We could be in a spot of bother against the very best. Leaving Witsel to the last day was not a great idea by Beppe.

    Sometimes even God makes a mistake!

    • Well put, comrade…And yet I feel the over spend on Higuain filled a long term hole and was offset by an underspend on Pjanic and Pjaca. Also Alves…to some degree. And perhaps also Cuadrado. A player, my opinion of, causes constant debate, which is healthy and always respectful. Yet I tried to turn my tides in his favour earlier on this evening, by watching a lengthy youtube epic with mong music, of his last season with us, and I counted 1 assist and 2 goals in 15 minutes of viewing. Rather than convince me of his worth, the video showcased him speeding past players and creating nothing but a sideways pass. His end product, despite his samba flair routine is minimal. I hope it can be improved. Yet will try harder to focus on the only asset he brings, which is pace…nothing more. Allegri needs to teach him to do more, once he beats his man, for when he beats his man then beats himself, its horrid…and common.

      We share the same concerns. Which is why I am downtrodden to learn of the Witsel disaster. We have no menace in midfield, none whatsoever. And that means that Pjanic will be forced to fend for himself, so his output will be lessened assuredly. He worked exceedingly well as a deep lying playmaker when he has the Naingollan next to him, crunching everyone. Where is the Radja in our squad???

      We have so much technical ability, yet no menace, no bite, no spite…

      • Dar Black

        Exactly GP, we are too polite there now, maybe apologetically so. Could Mandragora help? I note his surname if ambiguous can mean demon – let us hope so 🙂

  • Dar Black

    I read that other Serie A clubs are putting in no sale to Juve / other Serie A teams transfer clauses? Is that true?

    • BelgianJuventino

      I hope not? What the fuck?

    • Peter

      Napoli…… Do they not realize Juve basically pumped €100m into Serie A (into Napoli actually) with the Pogba, Higuain deals?

    • VonKellef

      I love it.
      That is just another indication that they are getting more cornered. More scared. That is the price you pay when you are numero uno. You get hated, and frankly I love it. I don’t care much about the other teams in Serie A, but being feared is always a plus.

    • VonKellef

      Another funny story, actually related to these news.

      Witsel reportedly spent 13 hours in a hotel in Turin waiting for the transfer to be completed. I mean what do you do for 13 hours and how on earth do you fly back back to S:t Petersburg and act like nothing has happened =D
      How do you go to practice the other day,look your team mates and coach in the eyes.

      Reminds me of another story. I think it was a winter mercato where we were supposed to exchange Vucinic for Guarin and the deal got cancelled in the last minute by Thohir. You emptu your locker,say your goodbyes and the next day your are back at training like nothing ever happened. People should really know how to do business in a proper manor.

  • BelgianJuventino

    Lichty is RB/RWB. Cuadrado is a RW who was used as a RWB last year. He cant play it Elisa. Not even a bit. RW is the sole role he can play and he doesnt excel even at that.

    Alves and Lichtsteiner is simply all we need. Too bad Caceres was injured all the time, he wasnt all that bad as RWB either

    • elisadallomo

      But, see, I do agree with you! That’s why I’m so confused. I said Cuadrado subbed for Licht only ’cause we didn’t have a better alternative last year. Alves isn’t a better alternative either, he’s just a different alternative.. kinda like Evra/Sandro. Evra is more defensive and Sandro is more offensive. So Licht will either compete against Alves for RWB or against Barza for RB when we use 4 in the back.

      I don’t think Cuadrado will be used as a RWB this year. He will be exclusively a RW when we need a RW, which won’t be every game. And it won’t mean Pjaca will play less because Pjaca is a LW.

      See the tweet attached, which is what I think as well. Cuadrado will be used with 3 in front, and likely with Lichty behind to handle the defensive part of it.

      Thanks to AroundJ for the pic!

      • BelgianJuventino

        I can only hope so, if I see more Cuadrado in a 3-5-2 I’m going to develop an ulcer!

        and yet, Cuadrado is simply too ineffective to be at Juve. He is like Krasic. Looks great on the outside, but in the end has no end product.

        BBC will have fun in those training sessions!

      • Sebastián Quiceno

        I agree on everything with Around J except the… every training session of the season. That training session will be only for Europe.

        The way I see it we will have 2 main systems:

        – 3-5-2- for Serie A against samll teams
        – 4-4-2/4-3-3 for Europe AND against 4 man defence top Serie A Teams like Napoli or Fiorentina
        4-4-2 (defensive system against sides playing with fullback/winger tandems doing overruns on the flanks and launching low and high crosses and attack through the center like Bayern or Atlético)/ 4-3-3 to mirror opposition like tiki taka teams playing with wingers (like Barca´s 4-3-3 or City´s 4-2-3-1) or counterattack teams that play throught the center like Madrid´s 4-3-3

  • BelgianJuventino

    I support local businesses so I will keep this up! Also give me the contact Information of that store, I want my cut! XD

    I still fear Cuadrado as a RWB. Up until I see Max never ever using it again will i be comforted.

    I want Lichtsteiner as RB and have alves and Cuadrado fight it out for the offensive role in a 4-3-3 or similar formation. Alves is not THAT great to have no competition at all from Lichty

  • BelgianJuventino

    Please don’t kill me 😛

    Tell him we’ll trade him for Messi and 20mill cash, maybe they will accept?
    Cuadrado really isn’t as great as many people seem to think. His speed blinds people, for I will repeat it again and again: he doesn’t do anything with it in the end. Compare it to Dybala, who also likes to drift wide sometimes. Look what he does with the ball and compare it to Cuadrado.

    Dybala can beat anyone and more than just one player at once. Cuadrado struggles to beat any defender worth his salt. He can’t dribble like Dybala can or cross decently like Alves can.

    • elisadallomo

      Maybe Cuadrado has, as Allegri likes to say, “margins of improvement”. He is a very frustrating type of player because of his speed paired with his lack of completion (I hope it makes sense in English)……. but I think he CAN improve. XD XD XD

      I mean, focus on his goal against Torino…… the one against Bayern………

      • BelgianJuventino

        At his age improve? I rather doubt that. I think he is more likely to decline actually. His main asset is speed and once you reach an age close to 30, it will decrease no matter what.

        He has his good moments, I dont say he is utter shit either 😛

        I just want to say, he doesnt bring enough to be enthusiastic about it.

        • elisadallomo

          Ok ok ok but, meh, it’s a loan.. if he doesn’t add anything to the team they just won’t play him the required amount of minutes to make it permanent and he’ll go next year.

          By the way, I do have to say…. I’m so thankful Cuadrado is the player making the water tepid for us fans in this mercato….. it could’ve been so much worse. So much. SO, so much.

  • BelgianJuventino

    His competition is Alves, Alves the attacking option and Lichty the defensive option, just like Sandro is the attacking option on the left versus Evra as the defensive option. Cuadrado doesn’t fit in, goddamnit!

    Does a hospital count as a local business or do I need to look for some sort of alternative charlatan? xD

  • BelgianJuventino

    Fuck that, I say Pjaca! XD Dybala and Alves? Berardi next season? Options enough!

    • Sebastián Quiceno

      No way Alves can be a RW. He is not that young anymore for that.

      Blame Coman and Berardi, not Cuadrado, blame those 2 for not being versatile enough to play 3-5-2 and wussing out playing as wingers pretty much only on UCL games (since we use 3-5-2 at home) and not waiting Juve JUST ONE FREAKING YEAR, 2 YEARS TOPS (which we are now underway) to switch to 4 man defence as main system and sitting on the bench for Seria A games.

      Side Note: I hate also Witsel not coming. I really hate it we are short on midfield now both ahead of defence (just as TGP said) but also on Left and Right Center midfield Which as Lunacy as it sounds Max I think will be tempted to fill with pjaca, Cuadrado or even Freaking Mandzukic or Neto (I am overextending hear, don´t take it literally, get the point) if they happen to be willing to learn the freaking position.

      So Belgian no way in the world Alves will be a winger.

      But I think you are straight on point on the rest. I would love to see this 4-3-3 in Europe:

      Pjaca (New backup next Mercato) – Higuain/Mandzukic – Dybala/(Berardi next season)
      I am afraid we will ahve Cuadrado backup Dybala if Berardi doesn´t man up.

      And Blame Pogba for the Witsel fiasco

      • BelgianJuventino

        I wouldnt put Alves there either, but I think he could do it. Attacking always was his strong suit anyway. He doesnt have the speed, but he has other characteristics that make up for that.

        You dont need to be young to be a good winger! A 3-5-2 system asks a lot from the wingbacks, they have the hardest roles to fulfill in that system, Berardi and Coman would suck horribly there, much like Cuadrado.

        I’m mostly disappointed that we didnt get a physical CM, it would have been nice for Witsel but it doesnt HAVE to be him.

        For me, Dybala and Higuain should definitely be starters, whether you play 2 or 3 players up front. I have had it with Mandzukic for now, I want Higuain instead. And Pjaca on the left.

        Mandzukic and Cuadrado can play less important games.

        Pogba cant help it that Zenit decides to fuck themselves and Witsel at deadline day though

  • BelgianJuventino

    Well no he wont, but that wasnt the question!:P Dybala can play anywhere in the attack, so that was rather easy xD

    You like having Cuadrado but you dont want Berardi? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ELISA?! Somebody call an exorcist!

    • elisadallomo

      I originally said Cuadrado’s was the best STORY in this mercato, not the best option….. and after that I’ve been tryyyyying to explain why I don’t think Cuadrado’s signing is pushing Lichty out of the team……. and theeen I’ve been trying to explain why I don’t think it’s such a horrible idea to have him back anyways, specially since it was on loan…. and, honestly, even if we do end up paying for him to stay, which will only happen if he improves, it’ll be in three financial years, so…..

      There are two reasons for Berardi.

      1. He’s an (allegedly) Inter fan who’s “refused” us twice already, either because of lack of self-confidence or just because he simply doesn’t wanna come.

      2. I don’t want him to come because I want him to STAY at Sassuolo. He’ll get European exposure this year (hopefully next year, too), they’re one of the very few clubs that are doing things right in the Serie A so I want them to succeed-ish (second place at the most, obviously), and he’ll get waaaaaaay more playing time/responsibilities over there… which makes things GREAT for me as a fan of the Azzurri. Belotti and Berardi are the future of our attack, they need clubs that are gonna play them every damn game.

      However….. if he’s gonna leave Sassuolo, it better be to come to us.

      • BelgianJuventino

        He didnt refuse us really, or at least not definitely

        Agreed in point 2 though, hes good at Sassuolo but if he leaves, it should be for Juve!

        • elisadallomo

          Ehh. He’s like “not now, next year”…. then “no, not yet, neeext year”….. I mean, just stay you want to stay at Sassuolo and it’ll be ok. For the most part.

          • BelgianJuventino

            Well, you are right actually. It bothers me too. I still hope he will join us though

  • Dar Black

    To offset my unhappiness at the Witsel fiasco…

    In other news… I love the comedy value of sponsorship deals. The ingenuity of the marketing / communications departments to sometime try and tie in the most inappropriate / bizzare products to a famous football club. Todays new deal for Juve:

    “Juventus unveils Regional Partnership with Star Lager….
    The internationally renowned brewing company is confirmed as the Bianconeri’s “Official Beer Partner in Nigeria” for six seasons”

    Fantastic. It’s all money in our coffers, and who doesn’t like a lager beer! Even if it contributes to alcoholism, lawlessness, marriage breakups, domestic violence and such like. It’s only Nigeria anyway, so it’s their problem not ours! Just don’t throw up over your Juve shirt if you have one too many (not the 1st team shirt anyway, 3rd change strip feel free…).

    My favourite nonsense deals are with Man Utd though. Samboo, the official Korean Meatballs of Man U, and Yanmar, their official diesel engine! You can’t make this stuff up 🙂

    Any other funny ones you have seen for clubs?

    • VonKellef

      Hilarious =D

      You must share these funny stories whenever you come across them.

    • VonKellef

      Another funny story, actually related to these news.

      Witsel reportedly spent 13 hours in a hotel in Turin waiting for the transfer to be completed. I mean what do you do for 13 hours and how on earth do you fly back back to S:t Petersburg and act like nothing has happened =D
      How do you go to practice the other day,look your team mates and coach in the eyes.

      Reminds me of another story. I think it was a winter mercato where we were supposed to exchange Vucinic for Guarin and the deal got cancelled in the last minute by Thohir. You emptu your locker,say your goodbyes and the next day your are back at training like nothing ever happened. People should really know how to do business in a proper manor.

      • Dar Black

        It’s got to hurt the old pride a bit hasn’t it!

        Very famous (true) story in England about a 2013 transfer deadline day saga involving Peter Odemwingie. If you have not heard it before, it’s unbelievable:

        “In what has become arguably the most famous English transfer deal never to be completed, the-then West Brom forward famously drove 120 miles from Birmingham to London without permission from his club in an attempt to speed up a late night move to Queens Park Rangers that QPR manager Harry Redknapp neither wanted, or knew anything about.

        The striker was seen signing autographs outside of Loftus Road and was also interviewed by Sky Sports News, telling reporters from his car that he was ready for ‘a new chapter’.

        But the move couldn’t be completed before the 11pm transfer deadline, with QPR manager Harry Redknapp claiming “wires had got crossed”, leaving Odemwingie having to make the trip back to re-join the West Brom team-mates he’d already said goodbye to.”

        He has never lived it down! And now every transfer deadline day he gets ribbed and has to post a picture on his twitter to show people that he is not stuck in his car waiting outside a football club HQ 🙂

        • Dar Black

          Just remembered that Mr Odemwingie played for Juve of course! Looking at his ability now that’s kind of hard to believe. But anyhow, it is a funny story that he will live with forever.

        • VonKellef

          It’s the first I hear of this so I read about him and found some more. But talk about things going south for the lad who had a record season.

          On 31 January 2013, he was reportedly seen outside Loftus Road in an attempt to sign for Queens Park Rangers, but was refused entry as no offer was accepted for him.[46][47] He was widely criticised for his attempt to join QPR with Albion chairman saying he acted “unprofessionally”.[48] After initially being sent home from training on his return to West Brom, Odemwingie was later disciplined by the club for his actions on transfer deadline day and resumed training, while also publicly apologising for his behaviour.[49][50] He returned to the side against Sunderland on 23 February 2013 coming on as a substitute in the final few minutes and was jeered by some Albion supporters.[51][52] Steve Clarke continued to use Odemwingie as a substitute which caused him to again attack the club on Twitter.[53] At the end of the season Steve Clarke stated that he expects Odemwingie to leave West Brom in August 2013.

  • Sebastián Quiceno

    Girl I think you have been the only one getting it pretty much all along (I am impressed!!!). It just surprises me most still seem to think the squad or the system will be the same as next year when we have 6 new players coming in.

    THIS JUVE WILL BE QUITE DIFFERENT from the Juve from last year. Some still don´t get it. We can´t afford to be the same Juve as next year, we are constantly evolving. Max´s preferred system is 4-3-?(And then we´ll see, that´s what cuadrado, Pjaca, Dybala are here for, for the ? part.

    4-3-? has been 2 years in the making. make it 5 years in the making sice Conte wanted a 4-2-4 which he never got.

    In summary we want.
    – versatility (to adapt to opposition systems)
    – depth (to overcome any injury),
    – Unpredictability

    -We have had 3-5-2 the last 5 years
    -We had 4-4-2 specially last year
    -this year we will have 4-3-3 and even 4-2-3-1
    which we had never had in the last 10 years.

    • elisadallomo

      I’m actually excited to see what happens with 4 in the back… mostly because I want more up front, too. Also, our 3-5-2 during Conte was perfect… but veeeery predictable, which Allegri doesn’t seem to be.

      • Sebastián Quiceno

        Yeah girl we DEFINITELY need to switch to 4 man back ASAP. The 3-5-2 is strongest against frosinone or chievo types, and in Europe is good only to PARK THE BUS when we are ahead on the score or net result.

        But to win UCL we need a Super strong 4 man back system. Which is what the societá focused on this mercato, on giving Max not only what he wants, but giving Juve what he needs.

        I agree with you 3-5-2 is overloaded at mid. We need one less midfielder and have one more guy up front be it a TQ or a winger, or even both as in a 4231. I even dream of a 3-4-1-2 with a 3 man back but still one more guy up front (The TQ), meaning one less guy in midfield (2 CMs and 2 Wingbacks).

        But more than one just seems to be stuck in the past, in last year and not actually get it AT ALL.

        This mercato would have been a 10 if:
        – We had gotten Mascherano as CM. But his tax troubles don´t seem as bad as Messi´s, They convinced him to stay because Barca would fall apart, and even go to Europa League without him.

        Or at least if we had gotten Witsel, but Pogba screwed us up, management was too weak to not pressure the kid to make his mind quickly so that we could have found a good replacement in time.

        – We had gotten a proven winger instead of Cuadrado like or a good prospect like Berardi. blame wuss kid Berardi, he wet his pants to come to Juve.

        – If we had gotten another TQ to play in the hole like James or Mkitharyan Erikseen (not sure if that is his position, maybe I am overextending here, but we have always liked him)

        – if Hernanes had left

        • elisadallomo

          Today I read that Witsel was the one that waited until the 29th or the 30th to accept the offer. But, until we know for sure, we’ll read many things about that deal…

          Honestly, this mercato was a 10/10 for me even without a midfielder. Getting a great midfielder would’ve made it 11/10. But getting the players we got, selling the players we sold, and not getting another last-minute panic buy… that was 10/10 for me. And it raises the bar for next mercato, where I only want to sell players we HAVE TO sell and to get players we HAVE TO get. Sounds simple, huh? XD Poor Beppe..

          Yesterday on Radio Vecchia Signora ( they said something that made sense… the best attack wins CL. If you look at the big clubs, the ones still above us, that’s the only thing where they were always better than us… we have the best defense in Europe… we had the 2nd-best MF in Europe (in my opinion, only behind Barça’s at the time)… but our attack was always below the top 5. I think right now that has changed.. and that’s why I want 4 in the back. Not necessarily to have 4 back there, but to have more up front. I dream of a 4-3-3 with Pjaca-Higuaín-Dybala…. that could be lethal.

  • VonKellef

    We have to sort a few things out here. Do you drink the fernet branca with menthe or do you like mixing mint with your drinks? Because it is a huge difference =D

    Ok, I get it. A soft drink given to kids at cocktail parties =D Man,I wish I could have gone to Italian cocktail parties as a kid. I would have thrown out the Crodino and substitutet it with real Campari.
    If asked by the elders, “didn’t you have the orange one?” I would simply add orange juice.

    Actually never had vermouth or grappa. But it has to be a first time for everything,right?

    All these new spirits makes me feel like a child on christmas eve =D
    I’ll just have to go through them one at the time.

  • VonKellef

    That was fun!

    Reading about your childhood,getting an insight on the spirit business =D
    Alcohol is so much fun.

    Born and raised in Sweden, but we are a minority from the middle east so its been the same as you describe with your family. Different kind of drinks and spirits throughout the years. Depending on the occasion mostly.

    As I said, really interesting to hear about your Italian heritage and the drinks and alcohol you were brought up with and still today taste and drink.

    You strike me as the person who would order a mojito and make them go very light on the sugar and lime and go heavy on the mint =D

    I admit,mint is good. With food and beverages. Just not with Fernet Branca. It’s supposed to be bitter and strong.

    Is Anisette like the italian Sambuca?

    So should I be waiting for those lovely and colorful bottles to arrive with in the mail anytime soon?

  • VonKellef

    Are you sure there were more food than drinks?
    Maybe you just eat a lot of ceviche and exchanged the lemon juice with tequila?

    Oh,you live in South America. I assumed that you lived in Belgium because of your knowledge in Belgian beer =D

    I must take my hat off and admit that I am impressed that you have even heard of fried kibbeh. What more have you tried from the Lebanese cuisine?

    I thought that you had already sent me a box with all sorts of exotic and funny bottles. Aged caribbean rum, anisette and all of that other good stuff. Well,I guess you are right. I’ll just distill them here in the basement.

    • elisadallomo

      Heaps more food. Italian, Spanish, Lebanese, Dominican…… looots of food. Don’t be surprised. We had a biiiig wave of Lebanese immigrants years ago, some on their way to Cuba/Argentina but a lot of them, like my great-grandfather and his family, decided to stay. Street vendors sell fried kibbeh on every corner.. and it’s the staple beer food. And you can find tabbouleh eeeeverywhere.. they’re even starting to sell a healthier version made with quinoa.

      In my family, specifically, other than kibbeh’s three variations (fried, baked and raw), we often had/have tabbouleh, fattoush, baba ghanoush (which I don’t like ’cause… eggplants…. ugh) and hummus.

      My coworker started brewing his own beer about a year ago so I’ve been hearing about it every day, 8 hours per day, since. We’re also big on craft beer here now, too.. we’ve had two “Oktoberfest” already… lots of “brew your own beer” workshops…. even mini markets are selling craft beer. It’s the latest trend.

      • VonKellef

        You make the Dominican Republic sound like a fairy tail. You have lovely weather, good food and drinks. On top of that you can watch the Juve games. I mean I would give everything just to be able to live 365 days a year in shorts. Not being forced to wear pants,boots and a jacket because of the damned cold weather and snow. Soon it will begin to get a lot colder up here and the sky will shift between grey and black. Let me tell you. It is depressing.

        I really hope that you are taking advantage of the weather down there. How is it to live there? How is the job situation? How does the education system work etc?

        I was just like you once. Not a big fan of eggplants but in recent days I’m becoming more and more fond of it. It will grow on you,trust me =D
        Impressed by the knowledge you have about food from the middle east. I eat raw kibbe yesterday actually. One of my favorites with a glass of arak. It’s a strong alcoholic spirit that is clear in the color, but when you add ice and water to it, it becomes white as milk. In Turkey they call it Raki and in Greece Ouzo.

        You must have an amazing job where you can sit and talk about beer all day long. Are they hiring =D?

        • elisadallomo

          If fairy tales are made of good weather, good food and good drinks, then yes.. but those three are only thoroughly enjoyed when you have good jobs, good health care, a good public education system and as good of a government as you can, which we don’t, so the DR is a great vacation spot but not a place I’d recommend anyone move to. Quite the opposite.

          And, let me tell you something.. I’d give my left arm for even a month of cold weather. We have two seasons, Summer and Hell. I’m over the constant heat. I guess it’s true that we all want what we don’t have.

          I’ve never heard of Arak! I’ll ask my grandpa if he knows it..

  • VonKellef

    I guess it’s like they say. The grass is always greener on the other side. The human dilemma,never satisfied. But that is a good thing. It means we will keep on pushing forward and try to become the best possible human being that we can. That’s the optimist/romantic in me speaking. I still have hope for the human race.

    You can keep your left arm. You will need it to shovel snow when you make it to Sweden =D
    We can change lives. You can come and try out a winter here in Sweden and I can try your “Hell”. I’ll post pictures of me everyday with a cocktail in my left hand,a cigarr in my right hand and the flashiest sunglasses you can imagine.

    Your grandpa will defiantly recognize Arak. They have their own brand in Lebanon like, Ksarak and Touma.

    • elisadallomo

      Well, it’s all relative.. I think you are definitely looking at island life through a romantic’s eyes, because it’s not all cocktails and sunglasses… not even 50% of it. We not only want what we don’t have, but we have our own ideas about what the unknown is and, yea, it tends to be way better in our minds. As a vacation spot, I agree that it is absolutely perfect.

      I’m sure your winters are harddd being so up north. I spent a winter in Turin and it was wonderful, in spite of the cold. Houses have heating so you’d only “feel” it when you were outside.. but, as they say, it’s easier to put on clothes than to take them off.. at some point you can’t take off your skin, can you? It’s just Hell.. it’s like you’re on fire, and everything around you is on fire.. and you go inside and all you have is a ceiling fan, ’cause something like 80% of dominicans don’t have air conditioning inside their homes, so you don’t ever get cool, just less sweaty.. ugh, I’m dying just writing about it. My aunt said she’s only felt a similar heat in Valencia during the Sahara’s dust showers. If the temperature can be like it is during our “winters” all year-round, it would be perfect. You can wear normal clothes without melting, and if you want to be a badass you can wear a long-sleeved jersey at night. I know, I exaggerate the heat a tiiiny bit, but I hate being hot and I’m always hot here.. Italy’s weather is so chill.

      • VonKellef

        It is all relative. I totally agree with you on that matter. Given all the facts we could still not imagine how it is living in an area where we spend 1,2 maybe 3 weeks as tourists. We go home and share our experience with family and friends. Telling them how good the food were, how nice the beaches were etc. But we all know that it is not much more than an illusion. The real life in this particular case, Dominican Republic isn’t just beaches and good music. It’s the same here. Everyone talks about how nice Swedish people are,how we look out for each other,how the government is so great,how the healthcare system is free for everyone,how good it is that everyone that wants to can study and get paid for it. We all know that isn’t how it works in the real life. Every country got it’s ups and downs. May it be corruption or high taxes. Everyone is unsatisfied.

        I’m exaggerating about the cold here. It has actually gotten better thanks to global warming. It used to get to minus 15 degrees Celsius in the winter around Stockholm. If you go further north they could have something close to 20-30 degrees below zero. That is not fun at all. And the thing about the winter it’s not just the cold. I mean just as you describe Turin, we also have functioning heating systems in the house. If it’s radiators or heated floors. It’s that you barely see the light. It’s dark when you wake up. In the day you may be able to see the sun for a couple of hours (that is if you are not in school or working) but mostly it is grey in the day and then later on at night it’s pitch black again. Believe me. You get depressed. That is why it is sooooo good to be an optimist and to be able to follow a team like Juventus. It helps,trust me.

        I’m gonna steal this and quote you on it: “but, as they say, it’s easier to put on clothes than to take them off.. at some point you can’t take off your skin, can you?” That was spot on =D

        Sounds like the “Hellish” period is hard on you. You best get yourself an umbrella to hide under from the sun. I know exactly what you mean with around 80% of the people not having air condition or any other type of machine to cool them down. It’s a matter of money and everyone isn’t so lucky that they can afford something like that. For them it’s a luxury. Here in Sweden I forbid everyone I see to ever complain on the heat. I tell them,embrace it and enjoy while it lasts. Because it’s not for many days. Our summers mostly consists of rain. So if you could like send some of your heat over here I would be most great full=D

        • elisadallomo

          Exactly. No country runs perfectly. You just have to decide what is the most important for you. Are you ok with paying extremely high taxes but having your most important needs met? Are you ok with paying lower taxes but not getting anything in return?

          Oh, I can imagine with the gray skies.. I like cloudy days but only because they’re rare here. Anything that you have 24/7 can be boring, but we shouldn’t take anything for granted. And I’m sure you embrace the heat as much as I embrace the “cold” here – if you can call 19º C cold, that is. That’s the coldest it’s ever been.. and I think it was even from before I was born.. XD

          • VonKellef

            The biggest issue I have with how things are run here in Sweden. Besides the bad weather, bad healthcare system, the educational system that is only interested in what you can remember rather then to test your knowledge, the majority of people that want’s to live in their own little bubbles all silently…I could go on and on. But one thing that bugs me is that we have an increase of price rates as an affect of the inflation. But the salaries barely move an inch. One thing that all tourists have in common is that we decide whether the products and services in the country we visit are cheap or expensive in comparison with the prices in the home country. I can by fact state that Sweden is one of the most expensive places to visit as a tourist.

            19 degrees? I would sit outside in the sun all day. Today is actually a beautiful day. The sun is shining, but I have to finish a report about consumer behavior.

  • VonKellef

    170 USD is like 1 435 SEK(our currency here in Sweden). To put that in perspective. 1 liter of milk cost about 9 SEK, the cheapest rent you can find in Stockholm is 5000 SEK. That gives you a small room in someones house IF you are lucky. Mostly it gives you a place in someones basement. Eating a lunch outside costs about 100 SEK these days. A pack of Marlboro 60 SEK. It aint cheap here in Sweden, I can tell you that. The gasoline price is currently about 14 SEK/liter. But as we agreed on earlier, everything is relative. I can imagine that a lot of people in your country barely earns minimum wage and therefore barely makes it through the end of the month. How is you salaries paid out over there? Here we get our salary in our bank account the 25th of every month. No cash or check.

    Believe me, I am not that naive going around and thinking why dosen’t people go around starting revolutions. The sad story is. In most cases like for example Iraq and Libya, it only makes matters worse for the average citizen.

    Why do you even have long sleeves and jackets =D Shorts,shorts and once again shorts. But you girls can wear dresses and skirts. So you have even more options. Forget about jackets and long sleeves. I can imagine it becomes very moist when the rain pours down.

    So what do you work with over there?

  • VonKellef

    The Mc Donalds combo costs around the same here as well. That hurt a lot, how can we have roughly the same prices with such huge differences in salaries and living standard. I mean over here we do have class distinctions, but I imagine over there it’s more like the US model, where you have the 1% that is filthy rich, a huge amount of people that barely makes it to the end of the month and the middle classes.

    I believe they have the same system in Germany, where they get paid 2 times a month. The Swedish people, for the most part get their salary in the 25th, pay the bills and then consumes for whatever is left. They also tend to borrow money so that they end up spending 110%, even more of what they make a month. When the credential system of the banks is in every corner of the society, it’s so easy to just pay with a credit card that they don’t even think about what they are spending their money on. With cash it’s a different story, you feel the money leaving your pocket. But you will always have a lot of people spending money like there is no tomorrow no matter how the paying method looks like.

    So you want to see hairy legs coming out of dresses and skirts =D ? You are absolutely sure about that?
    How about high heels?

    Where did you learn so good English?

    Advertising, that is great. I am studying strategic marketing right now. Maybe you can help me figure out all these models and with all the other stuff =D?
    Can you write my exam? It takes place the 29th this month between 10 a.m and 2 p.m. (I think I got that right,we don’t use the same system over here). I can totally wear a wig and cover for you at work.

  • VonKellef

    Cycles repeating. It’s the same in every under developed country. But to think that countries like Sweden are free from corruption is just naive. It’s just not as visible and accepted as it is in South America and Asia. Your story reminds me of when Ernesto Guevara finished medical school,jumped on a motorcycle and traveled through South America. It’s heart breaking.

    That’s what you are saying now. But men in dresses with flower motives =D You don’t want that. It’s not a pretty sight. I’m not saying I’m against it in any way. Just saying it is not a pretty sight =D

    Well it has certainly paid off. Your english is excellente. I imagine you are fluent in spanish and italian as well?

    Stop making up excuses. You have to be in Stockholm at the latest the 28th so that you can get a good nights sleep and wake up fresh for the exam. I am counting on you. Will you be taking out vacation days from work or do you want me to fly over there and fill in for you?

  • VonKellef

    I actually watched the movie, The Motorcycle Diaries with my Spanish class when I was in either 8th or 9th grade. When I later started high school I was looking forward to continuing my Spanish classes, but I changed after the first day to Italian. We had a terrible Spanish teacher. An old Swedish hag who had probably visited Mallorca or some other Spanish island in the late 80’s or something and now thought she was the most gifted human being in Spanish on planet earth. Terrible. I ended up neither being good at Spanish or Italian. I wish I had traveled more a couple of years back. Traveled through Italy and South America. I actually have a little girl in Bolivia that I sponsor through a charity association called Action Plan, her name is Yobana Quenta.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet you are going to teach me fluent Spanish and Italian =D
    In exchange I can teach you Arabic,Swedish,Kurdish and the little bit of Suryoyo that I have mastered so far.
    So you don’t have to figure out what that forth language will be as you will come up in 6 and ½ languages when the lessons are over =D

    Unfortunately I don’t own either a wig or a dress. One thing I do own is a beard and there is lots of it. So is that something that is cool? (please don’t tell me you have beard so that I don’t need to shave it off).
    Must admit that I am kind of sad about the alcohol. Does the fried kibbeh contain pine nuts?

    • elisadallomo

      That’s a gorgeous movie. A bit too romantic.. but I think Che was the more romantic in that pairing. Fidel was the most practical one. Makes me wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been killed and they both would’ve continued to work together towards their common goal.

      You can come with your beard, don’t worry. I’m sure no one will notice. And, nope, no pine nuts.. only raisins. There are some that have a chicken filling, so that’s a plus!

      • VonKellef

        If anything. Things in this life are not romantic enough. More candles,flowers,chocolate,poems,laughs and love for everyone!

        That is a very interesting topic to talk about. What would have happened if Ernesto would have proceeded with his plans and succeeded. Would South America be a different place than it is now?

        I don’t like raisins. Not in food or with cereals. Well actually there is one time that I do like them and that is when we bake “lussekatter” around the 13th of december here in Sweden. We bake “lussekatter” which roughly translates into Santa Lucias Cats, or something like that, and we also bake gingerbread cookies. I’ll upload a photo of “lussekatter” so that you can see how they look. It’s saffron that gives them their characteristic taste.

        • elisadallomo

          That looks absolutely delicious!

          • VonKellef

            You should start your own little coffee shop and start selling these, and other “exotic” desserts,cookies and buns.

  • VonKellef

    Stop making up excuses and pursue your life long dream of being the proud owner of the biggest bakery empire in South America. International Sweets and Hugs.

    You will first travel the world,searching for hidden family recipes before you find someone to finance your dream.

    Every time your employees hands out a box of love(because that’s what you will refer to the baked goods as,boxes of love) they must give the customer a warm hug.

    You will thank me when you reach Bolivia and open up a unit high up on the mountains.

    • elisadallomo

      I mean, to me it sounds like it’s your life-long dream, since you have it all figured out….. XD

      • VonKellef

        You got it all wrong. I got it all figured out for you. I thought I was taking this strategic marketing course so that I could plan your business. Are you telling me that you are backing out now and that I have spent these last 3 weeks for nothing?

        • elisadallomo

          Oh, no, not at all.. I’ll start designing the logo right away!!

          …. you are including sources for funding in the planning process, right?

          • VonKellef

            I have some good news. I have found some investors. Only problem is they speak a language I don’t understand and the negotiations are going really slow.

            How is things going at your end?