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OFFICIAL: Miralem Pjanic has joined Juventus

June 13, 2016

It’s official: Juventus have confirmed the signing of Miralem Pjanic from AS Roma.

The Bosnian midfielder arrived in Turin last night and completed his medical with the club earlier today.

After a tour of the Juventus Stadium and revelling in the history of the club at the J-Museum, Pjanic put pen to paper on a 5-year deal with the Bianconeri where he’ll earn €4.5m per season.

Juventus confirmed the signing with a statement on the clubs official website:

“Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that theagreementwith A.S. Roma S.p.A. for the definitive acquisition of the registration rights of the player Miralem Pjanic has been finalized. The consideration for the acquisition is € 32 million. This acquisition will generate economic and financial effects starting from 2016/2017 sportive season.Juventus and the player have signed a 5-year contract of employment”

Juve activated Pjanics’ buyout clause for a  total of €32m which then allowed them to then agree terms with player who was reportedly key in pushing for the move.

“It’s always tough to play here against such a great side and a massive club,” Pjanic told Juventus’ official YouTube channel.

“There’s a different atmosphere to other stadiums, this is a wonderful stadium.

“You knew you were playing against a top side here, and we always expected a tough game. I’m delighted that I’ll be wearing the Juventus shirt from now on.

“I hope it’ll continue to be just as hard for opponents here and that we’ll enjoy a lot of success together.

It’s a great feeling, and I hope to score lots of goals, play well and win. I just want to make the Juve fans happy.

“I’m delighted to be here, and I hope to give you lots to celebrate on the pitch. I hope we can win together, forza Juve.”


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  • I’ll update this more when the specifics are confirmed…….what a start to the week, what a start to the mercato !!!! A real statement of intent from San Beppe – beating off the likes of united and bayern to get him, all done in the space of a few weeks, on the hush hush…..remarkable – Same as Dybala last summer – Another step forward, something extra for us in our quest for the CL. Speechless !!!!!

    • I hope I never get bored of saying how vital a part of our recent success and future glory Beppe and Paratici have proven. It was a tough job to get us back to the top, now the dynamic duo are operating at a higher level and displaying remarkable expertise. Whilst many teams in the premier league, PSG, Munich and the top two in Spain can outgun us with ease on the money stakes, we remain competitive when seeking the top players.

      I am unsure of Pjanic’s suitability to the deep role of regista in our 3-5-2, yet it worked well enough with Pirlo and when Marchisio returns or if we sign a Matic, the Bosnian seems perfect for a 4-3-1-2. Then again we could move to 4-3-3 with Pogba/Pjanic/Khedira.

      I’ve not seen a huge amount of Miralem, and perhaps others can suggest where he will fit. Has he been signed as a trequartista? His best work seems at best central midfielder, better still between the lines higher up the field?

      Alves and Pjanic to come in. The Morata situation remains up the in the air, but who can say eh? Perhaps we already know he has gone and are working on securing his replacement in the shadows. I hope as much for the sooner we have a set squad for next season the sooner Allegri can formulate our plans.

      Defence is superb, midfield world class, up top is the only area of possibly major flux now.

      • Sebastián Quiceno

        i am Pretty sure our dynamic duo+Pavel want him as TQ (regista only in a few years or now in an emergency) and will push for Mascherano/Gomes/3rd option as regista since he wants to play midfield not CB, therefore why Evra was re-signed as CB backup and we may still be looking for Benatia.

        Max wants and ultra deep squad (with two 1st team quality players per position, and players with the maximum possible role versatility). Max is growing up on me more and more everyday. He is being VERY AMBITIOUS. Man I have a good feeling about this, I think 2017/18 UCL may have our name “Juventus” written all over it. I´ll pray for it to be that way.

  • BelgianJuventino

    Oh I wish I could see Nainggolan his face now. Hopefully he bugs off to Chelsea now, or anywhere that is not Serie A actually.

    • ADP#10

      If Nainggolan leaves, then it shows Roma seriously has no ambition at all.

      • BelgianJuventino

        Its not only up to them, if he wants to leave there is no point in keeping him.

        I just dislike this guy so much. A shame he is playing for Belgium

  • BelgianJuventino

    Big game tonight, Belgium – Italy.. As Juvefan I’m all up for an Italy win, as a Belgian I feel somewhat obligated to be a fan for them too.


    • Belgium have a stronger squad. The Juve rear-guard action and Buffon would get in the Belgium team but who else? Perhaps the wingbacks, other than which who? De Bruyne, for me, was the strongest attacking midfield in England last season and had he been fit throughout, City would have trounced the league. Hazard was out of sorts throughout, yet despite the lack of love for Lukaku, he is young and did well enough in a Toffees side which was all over the place in terms of form. He is one of few who could come in for Morata and I would be happy…

      On paper, its a world class defensive core against a wonderfully solid and creative and powerful offensive unit. If Wilmots moves the two natural CBs to the flank as seems possible, it helps la nazionale more than Belgium, yet the thought of Eder and Pelle up top is horrid.

      It really seems the weakest Italy I have ever seen going into a major tournament. And Conte it likely scouting players for Chelsea as much as demanding effort effort effort from his own current charges.

      • BelgianJuventino

        Its mainly the emotional problem, not so luch who is better on the moment. I want both teams to progress from this group, so perhaps I should hope for a draw tonight.

        On paper and individual levels yes, Belgium is currently stronger. As a team though, they still havent clicked yet. Every player is better when he plays for his club than when he plays for the NT.

        And frankly, Wilmots is an oaf.

        I hope for a great display by the Juve representatives most of all, even if Italy lose.

      • DutchJuventus

        Losing Kompany is terrible for Belgium, as i said a couple of threads back too. He would have lead the defence, now they only have second class players who tried, but never really reached the top.

        There are some players i expect alot of in Belgium’s team, but like Belgian says below, all of them perform better at their clubs than at the national team. Is it possible the double language might be a problem? Some speak dutch and some speak french. I guess the dutch speaking Belgians know french too, but i saw Fellaini yesterday on dutch tv not being able to give an interview in dutch. Btw i hate his blonde hair.

        I actually think Italy has alot of talent in their squad. Pelle for example has grown alot in the recent years and has done excellent at Southampton.

    • DutchJuventus

      I’m with you in that dilemma, except it’s even harder for you because you’re actually from Belgium. I think if it was Holland i’d have to be against Italy.

      • BelgianJuventino

        I just cant be against the Azzurri, I dont see myself ever cheering when I see the Juve block in defense beaten!

        I hope for an enjoyable match and I will have to take the good with the bad in this one. Fingers crossed that both Belgium and Italy advance!

        Btw, did you see the dutch panini stickers they made as a joke? Its kinda funny, made me giggle. Not to offend you or anything eh!

        • DutchJuventus

          I would support Holland but it would be a very frustrating match. I just hope to never see it. Last time it happened was euro 2008 i think. Friendlys not counted.

          Two and possibly three teams advance so that chance is pretty big. I hate the new system.

          Don’t worry. I thought they were hilarious. I saw them in a newspaper saturday.

          • BelgianJuventino

            Cant remember mate, but its indeed An awkward game.

            I dont know how it works yet in all honesty, bit weird but we will see whether or not its better I guess!

            Yes it was a funny thing, too bad it had to happen to your countrymen!

          • DutchJuventus

            24 teams, 6 groups of 4 teams each, 16 will advance to the 2nd round, numbers 1 and 2 are guarenteed, that makes 12 teams, and they will add the 4 best number 3’s. So if you have a tough group and get one win against the number 4 you’re pretty much scewed even though you might have played better than another team in an easy group and they will advance instead.

            Also, Wilmots is getting sick already of the Dutch press following the Belgian team. On one question they asked he answered in french on which the Dutch answered ”can you answer in dutch please? No idea why he answered in french suddenly. The next question was ”waarom kijkt u altijd chagerijnig?”. On which he was pretty suprised and after 10 seconds of preparing his answer he left it at being passionate and always wanting to win. And then the journalist said ”dus als u wint gaat u lachen?”.
            Dutch press is a pain in the ass, just ask Van Gaal xD

          • BelgianJuventino

            Mmm yes, it’s an odd system, but I guess it’s meant to make things a little less “harsh” for the group phase “losers”. Losing a game is pretty devastating, while now there is some room and hope left for those who finish third.

            But then you can wonder, does the thrid placed team deserve to go through? In a group of death perhaps so..

    • elisadallomo

      Let’s hope both pass to the round of 16!

    • Sebastián Quiceno

      My friend that is the best dilemma to have, because either way you´ll win, and if anyone leaves empty handed there are still two games to recover. Besides 3 out of 4 in almost every group will go through.

      • DutchJuventus

        After watching Sweden – Ireland, i can’t see either of them winning against Italy and Belgium. Those 2 were horrible.

      • BelgianJuventino

        That is true! But today the best team prevailed. Belgium was slow, clumsy, lethargic to watch.

        I hope they recover, but I am happy Italy got off to a great start

        • Sebastián Quiceno

          They will surely recover. Belgium is a very talented team, Hopefully they will bring a lot of trouble to other teams, and even knock down some of the favourties.

          • BelgianJuventino

            I hope so too! Wilmots needs to get his head out of his ass for that to happen though.

  • Dubaianconeri

    So it’s Sandro Pjanic Pogba Khedira Alves in a 3-5-2 formation. Hands down, strongest midfield in Europe. Beppe you’re a friggin legend!

    • BelgianJuventino

      Just as you think its nearly impossible to improve an already strong midfield, Beppe does it!

  • KPS235

    ok now i hope for berardi

  • DutchJuventus

    I’m wearing the blue Juventus away jersey for the Azzurri tonight (it’s the only thing that comes close to an Italy jersey that i have xD). My country wants me to support Belgium this Euro because they are our neighbours and i do support them, but against Italy my heart starts to protest. It’s all Italia tonight!

    Lets hope for the best for this match and for the entire tournament. I know it’s not the best team Italy has had, but it all starts with believe.

  • elisadallomo

    NOW I can celebrate!! Hopefully I can do the same for Alves soon!!

    • It’s official ! At last ! What a start to the summer for Juventus

      • elisadallomo

        Yes! And hopefully our other midfielder’s official announcement is just a few days away…

        • i worry a l;ittle about that deal – some strange rumblings about him not wanting to join. Lets hope it’s all just speculation and paper talk….

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            I am confident it is all just opportunistic speculation by media outlets with nothing more interesting to say. I think Juve and Alves are just waiting for the Copa America to end, which for Brazil just did. Not that I celebrate it, but now Dani will be available and will focus on his future..

          • sh, i thought you meant Berardi !
            I’m pretty sure Alves is done and dusted 😉

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            I think berardi wants guarantees, that he wont be mostly benched, before he decides to join. But don´t take my word I¨ve never been sure what the novella with him is about.

            There are many versions (that he is afraid of the challenge, that he doesn´t like Juve, that he wants Barca) but until the guy speaks himself I wont believe any of them and stick to the sporting logic which I think will affect his decision.

            I think the key will be the system, maybe he has reservations that if Juve keep 3-5-2 mainly he would get less playing time.

            This season that is one of the major, if not the major thing I think needs to be addressed. I am kind of afraid we leave 3-5-2 completely. I just love our BBC 3 at the back, yet I understand the push towards 4-3-then we¨ll see.

            Actually I am going to ask you (I need to sk TGP too) about an idea (probably crazy in the eyes of the majority) I thought about. would it be crazy to adopt a 3-4-1-2? keep BBC and still use a TQ.

            I am no tacticts expert and have not thought that one through either, i am just talking about the essence, solid BBC 3 man back without giving up on a TQ.

            Just my personal desire. I am ready for anyone´s counter arguments. Bring em on :P.

          • Thats a bold idea my friend ! It could work, definitely – If we used something like:

            – Barzagli – Bonucci – Chiellini –
            – Alves/Lichty – Marchisio – Pogba/Khedira – Sandro –
            – Pjanic –
            – Morata – Dybala –

            Personally, i’d like to see us try something like a 4-3-3 with Berardi in the lineup. I like the reference to a novella 😉 Bavo Seb ! That’s exactly what it is – And you raise a really good point – It’s everyone else thats talking about him and for him – He never says anything at all ! ever !

            I think you’re right about the playing time being an issue- Zaza has probablyky told him it’s not been easy to disrupt the starting XI – Plus, he would need to tow the line – Play his heart out, play hard and win… he ready for that ? Being at Juve is not like any other club. They will work him.

            I suppose a lot will hinge on Morata – If Berardi is a novella, Morata is becoming a Telenovella 😉 !

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            Thank you for the friednly response. As of yet 3-4-1-2 is just a dream for me. Because I know Max likes 4 man back so if that is the best system for him, the one he thinks will reap the most benefits then help the man realize his dream.

            But like I said I am no tactics expert but I just hate when (with today´s type of football) there is not a third man (Bonucci) double covering or scaling (how do you call that?) in the center, specially against tiki taka sides.

            I think he will build a squad maintaining ultra depth for 3-5-2 (just in case we have to use it more often than desired, like the season just ended), but will push for a permanent switch towards 4 man back (even if the sqaud is not as deep compared to 3-5-2).

          • elisadallomo

            Oh, no, I meant Alves. Which I’m still not celebrating….. still.

            I’ve read the hoopla regarding Berardi and, honestly, I can’t blame him. Unpopular opinion, maybe… but it makes sense that he’d prefer to stay in Sassuolo. They’re in EL so he’ll have enough exposure, plus he’ll play every single game for them. It’s either stay and play or leave and win… for some people the latter would make more sense, but he’s a player after all….

          • elisadallomo

            Weeeeeell I do celebrate it (never Brasil, never France, never Germany… it was tough being a fan of Italy’s NT in the 90s.. :P)!

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            I TOTALLY agree with you, I was like 5 yrs old in the 1994 final, I actually cried when Baggio missed his PK and we lost. You can´t imagine how it hurt, even to this day. I was the happiest guy when we won in 2006 (specially for our Juve guys).

            I would be concerned how Brazil performed if Italy was participating, like in a World Cup, but I had not problem with Brazil going through in Copa America. I didn´t think they were going to win it anyway. And since now we have a stake in that team (Sandro -their future LB, and likely Alves too) I am somewhat for our Juve soldiers to succeed at country level too.

            But hey you just have to admire,celebrate, encourage and cherish such unconditional love from you towards gli Azzurri even if you were not Italian (Though I am guessing you are Italian right?). ¡Keep that love up!. Forza Azzurra.

          • elisadallomo

            …. oh, don’t remind me…. it was bad enough not to reach the finals time after time but to get there and then lose….. like that…. ugh. I was gutted. I was sick in ’06 but it didn’t matter, I had to go out and celebrate.. it was my first NT trophy.. hopefully I’ll celebrate another one soon!!

            I usually just cheer for our players…. I hope Pogba, Evra, Khedira, Sandro, (Alves) do very well but I want their teams to lose. Like, I want people to say “France lost but Pogba had a peeerfect game”. I can’t help it, I just can’t. I am Italian.. half-Italian, to be more specific, living in the Dominican Republic, land of Brasil-Germany-Spain supporters… SOS…. XD

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            Hahahaha I get what you mean
            I am glad you managed to celebrate in 06, Definitely you´ll celebrate more. Probably won´t happen overnight, but I am confident sooner than you think. What I love about Italy is we win when NOBODY expects.

            On another note WOW, I never saw that one coming, I never thought you lived in R. Dominicana. So cool, a very beautiful country, y si los hispanos con frecuencia son/somos triunfalistas. If Italy were mass media favourites all of latin America would be Italy fans. Sometimes I think it is better for Italy to have fewer loyal quality fans than fake triumph crashers or, victory train jumpers.

          • elisadallomo

            … ni hace falta que lo digas. De más está decir que son fanáticos de España desde hace 8 años solamente… 😛 Where are you from?

            I actually thought we’d have a great tournament two years ago…. I even took time off work and everything, which I couldn’t do this time around…. but, alas. I do think we’re getting there.

            Ugh, I’m freaking out right now!! 30 more mins!!

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            Jajajaja exacto, hace 8 años nadie sabía que era el Barcelona o España (La furia) ni daban un peso por ellos. nací en Colombia aunque no soy muy patriota.

            Y si yo tambien esperaba un buen mundial, pero creo que nos faltó grinta, voluntad, inspiración y convicción, lo que Conte si puede transmitirles y Prandelli no pudo o no quiso (creo que su idea era un juego de calidad mas que fuerza o voluntad) y para entonces ya comenzabamos a perder calidad en los jugadores.

            No te desesperes, Belgica no tiene tanta polvora o inspiración arriba. De Bruyne está sobrevalorado, y los talentosos como Hazard, Mertens o Lukaku están acostumbrados a defensas de papel como en Inglaterra o España

            Italia si tiene una defensa de verdad. BBC te suena familiar? jajaja 😛

            con la ayuda de Diso vamos a ganar.

          • elisadallomo

            XD Ver los juegos en el trabajo me estresa. Hasta que no pite el árbitro no me calmo…

            Este año sin duda necesitábamos uno como Conte.. la grinta, la rabia, la convicción…. se nota en el campo. Pero este año no espero nada, no quiero emocionarme.. que sea lo que sea. Primero pasamos la fase de grupos y ya luego veremos…

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            Excelente, aprovecha y suelta tu ansiedad, desquitate con algun compañero. El o ella entenderá jaja. No pretendo ilusionarte y que puedas ser defraudada, pero recuerda cómo ganamos en 2006, recuerda como la Juve se recuperó este año del pésimo inicio. Esos dos títulos se obtuvieron creyendo en nosotros mismos, jugando como un equipo, como una familia, uniendonos todos bajo una misma causa, bajo una misma bandera.

            Cuando Italia encuentra esa inspiración, le añade grinta, voluntad y junto a la calidad de nuestros jugadores es cuando inspiramos respeto, miedo y logramos los objetivos, aún nadando a contracorriente, ese es el espíritu italiano y cuando lo encontramos en nosotros mismos, vencemos.

            Ese es el mensaje que con Conte y la base Juventina quiere darle a esta selección.

            Mientras escribo…. Gol de Pellé.

            FORZA AZURRI

            Confía Elisa 😉

          • elisadallomo

            Wajajajaja. Qué difícil. Aquí todos saben que no deben molestarme cuando veo los juegos pero igual tengo que mantener la cordura, por si acaso afuera de la oficina hay algún cliente. Eso sí, he convertido el celebrar los goles hacia adentro en todo un arte… XD

            No te preocupes, el apoyo y la convicción están siempre, hasta en los peores momentos. Igual prefiero no pensar que ya está todo ganado, o que la calle está pavimentada y solamente queda transitarla… como bien dijo Allegri, un paso a la vez, “un juego a la vez”. Ahora me enfoco en pasar la fase de grupos… ya después….. pues lo que venga….. 😛

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            Jajaja ¿tanto así?. qué interesante! y que bueno saberlo.

            De todas maneras pienso tampoco tendrían motivo para molestarte, no es como que sean españoles, franceses o alemanes, y aún si lo fueran que lo hagan bajo su propio riesgo verdad? 😛 jajajaja

            No pongo en duda en absoluto tu sinceridad, tu lealtad y apoyo (más siendo naturalmente italiana) y eres muy sabia al pensar en no adelantarte e ir paso a paso .

            Aunque pienso que nos hacemos más fuertes cuando nadie cree en nosotros, y que cuando nos la creemos es cuando podemos hacernos imparables, tienes toda la razón que hay que ir construyendo el exito paso a paso y tener mesura con la expectativa acorde a las posibilidades que realmente se tengan.

            Me alegra mucho encontrar una fan genuina y tan apasionada por Italia como tú. Prefiero conocerte a la distancia que estar rodeado de multitud de fans oportunistas o ficticios.

            Me alegró compartir la experiencia de ver el partido hablando contigo. Es de verdad todo un placer conocerte y una grata sorpresa que estés más cerca de lo que pensaba.

            Bueno, ya te dejo volver a tus cosas tranquila. Y vuelvo a comentar en inglés (por respeto al sitio). Aunque por hablar un rato contigo si que valió la pena.

            Espero seguir encontrándote aquí en la página. Es muy bueno que haya una chica por aquí, que haya una Juventina y una Tifosi de la Azurra por aquí

            ¿Qué más se podría pedir? 😉

          • elisadallomo

            Bueno.. en vez de molestarme, la palabra sería interrumpirme.. aunque en esos casos la interrupción es molestia. Pero, sí.. back to English. 🙂 Hasta el próximo juego!

          • Sebastián Quiceno

            Espero no haberte interrumpido demasiado, porque creo tal vez lo volvería a hacer jaja, (a menos que ya de plano te moleste), y si, entendí a qué te referías, aunque a veces aparte de interrumpir es posible que molesten, si las cosas no estan saliendo bien.

            Que te siga yendo muy bien con el trabajo. Y si, con todo gusto, te veo el próximo juego. O antes si concretamos a Alves, Mascherano o algun otro.

            bendiciones de parte de Dios.

            See you around

          • DutchJuventus

            Man, Brazil was horrible in this Copa America. First the demolition against Germany at the world cup and now this. They should have gone through considering Peru scored with a handball, but Brazil didn’t deserve it anyway. Big things need to happen for them, maybe Sandro 🙂

          • ho Hi

            What do you exactly mean?

  • Sebastián Quiceno

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA. Thank God. Grande Leo, Lucid Emmanuele.

    • LMJuveDK

      Great goal.. What a passing from Bonucci..

      • Sebastián Quiceno

        I Guess we don´t have a fitting regista with Marchisio out right? No Problem, Leo is always up to the task. GRANDE LEO

        • KPS235

          he started his career as midfielder anyway.

  • ho Hi

    Perfect passing from Bonucci!!

    • LMJuveDK

      Italy is playing very well..

  • BelgianJuventino

    Forza Italiaaaaa (told ya guys, Belgium as a team is not clicking together AT ALL)

    • ho Hi

      Youre 100% right!!

  • DutchJuventus

    I’m impressed. It wasn’t perfect for the entire 90 minutes, but good game. What a pass from Bonucci… I love this guy. 2nd goal was a beauty too.

  • BelgianJuventino

    Perhaps some of you would like some background information on the Belgium team?
    I saw DutchJuve wonder about a good thing when it comes to Belgium and that is the language.

    Belgium exists out of 2 parts(actually 3 but that is more political so I will keep it basic here). The north is called Flanders and people speak Dutch. (very much the same as in the Netherlands, but with a very different pronunciation) The south is called Wallonia and people speak French.

    This has always lead to a lot of friction and that is also the case in the team. It is a reason why there are often communication problems too: not every player is capable of speaking both languages. It is also a reason why it is more difficult to gel as a team, often there are two groups within the NT.

    Wilmots is often accused of friends politics in Belgium, for preferring French speaking players over Dutch speaking ones. He is from the south, but can speak Dutch too. (not confirming or denying anything here, I have my issues with the selection, but they are not based on this)

    For DutchJuve: You mentioned the interview from Dutch media with Wilmots, where he answered in French. That is because it is his mothertongue and he was frustrated with the questions. Despisable act to switch to French, knowing the reporters would not understand it.

    This is an oversimplification of the Belgian situation, but I hope it can give you a better idea of the Red Devils.

    For me personally, Wilmots is ruining this generation with stale tactics and bad player selections. There is no creativity in his line-up, its only putting on Hazard and De Bruyne and hope they magically win the game. There is no plan B. He refuses to adapt his team and formation to the players available.

    I will conclude here, for this is still a place for Italy and Juve debate, but I wanted to enlighten those of you who watched the game yesterday and were left wondering why the hype failed Belgium.(There is also this air of superiority in the team, which should never have been there in the first place and should have been smashed before the tournament, but neither was the case.)

    • Brilliant and welcome, my friend!

      • BelgianJuventino

        A little message from the heart for those who care to read! Thanks mate

  • Jas

    Off topic, my country (Bosnia) lost to Ireland in the qualification process. Watching Poland vs Ireland I kept wondering how in the hell did these guys beat us? They literally just played 7 defenders the whole game. Did not bother once to attack………… really just a waste of time on their end. If you are such an underdog why not go all out and play an actual game? You have nothing to lose, no one even expects you to make it past the group stage.

    Pjanic is the most talented Bosnian player I have ever seen. Its a shame we missed the E.C, this is our “golden generation” so far. I think he will be a menace for Juventus. I just hope they figure out how to bulk him up. I’ve always felt that he was way too skinny, he needs at least another 5-8 KG. But, if Dybala bulked up I guess Pjanic has a chance to as well.

    • ho Hi

      Hes like the wind. Unstoppable!!
      Like Dybi

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