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OFFICIAL: Paulo Dybala to wear number 10

August 9, 2017

Numerous reports in Italy suggest Paulo Dybala will wear the ’10’ shirt for Juventus in the upcoming season.

Sky Sport Italia, Goal Italia and Gazzetta dello Sport all report that the iconic 10 shirt will be awarded to Dybala from this season.

It’s a big step, considering the shirt has been vacant since Paul Pogba wore it for one season before joining Manchester United.

Dybala previously spoke of his attachment to the 21 jersey but it seems Juve are instilling some trust in La Joya by allowing him to wear a prestigious number that has been previously been worn by the likes of Alessandro Del Piero and Roberto Baggio.


Juventus have since confirmed that Dybala will wear the 10 shirt for the new season:


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  • BartWos

    Casus Pogba? I voted for no.

  • VonKellef

    I am not sure if I like the idea or not. In one hand you have every thing he has contributed with on the pitch, his great character and the fact that even the might Del Piero suggested he should wear the number 10 shirt. In the other hand I have the whole mess with Pogba demanding the shirt and then going off to United. Just seems like the club is doing this, not to reward him, because he deserves to be rewarded. Simply because they want to scare off Barcelona.

    Despite me not knowing if he should wear it or not. I hope he does so with pride, dignity and for a very long time.

  • Jack Handey

    If it makes Dybala and Juve happy, why not? Otherwise, all this jersey number business seems pointless to me. Sooner or later, most of these players will move on and someone else will inherit the number.

  • Xx RForcE xX

    this boy fully deserves to wear no.10 shirt.

  • elisadallomo

    I’m glad to see the 10 back on the pitch again! It is “just a number” but it’s one of THE numbers, so yay!

  • Samuel A. Olukolu

    Wearing that number wont guarantee his long stay…. i really dont trust south americans.. they play for the money!