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Simone Ganz: ‘I’ve signed with Juventus’

May 24, 2016

Simone Ganz has confirmed he’ll be leaving Como to join Juventus on a four-year contract.

The 22-year-old former Milan youth product has had a strong season, netting 16 goals for Como in Serie B, but it wasn’t enough to keep them from relegation.

“It has been a wonderful experience and scoring 16 goals in my first Serie B campaign is important,” he told TuttoMercatoWeb.

“Milan was the place where I grew up and a club I have to thank. I would’ve expected things to go differently, but this is football.

“I have signed a four-year contract with Juventus, the most important club in Italy, so I’m happy.”


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  • ADP#10

    I can only see him staying next season if Zaza leaves, in which case Ganz will be the new 4th/5th choice striker. Let’s see though, I’d rather Zaza stays, or if he does leave it will be for a minimum of 30M.

    • As we got him on a free, i think he’ll be loaned out…..or maybe even used in a deal to get Saponara or a similar player

    • KPS235

      zaza&morata will make us 60m(say) so we would have 60m to get CM and RB, plus Berardi, but im not sure about this attack -Dybala, Mandzu, Berardi and Ganz – lack something

      • BelgianJuventino

        If Dybala cant play for some time, that would be a pretty shitty strike force. Definitely a new striker needed if both Zaza and Morata leave. Ganz is a major doubt and Berardi is a winger or trequartista, but not a striker

        • DutchJuventus

          Berardi could give perfect assists to Mandzukic though, Mandzukic shines when he gets perfect balls.

          • BelgianJuventino

            Any somewhat decent striker can finish a perfect assist xD

            Plus MM is rather easily injured too

        • KPS235

          who would you go for?i have no idea honestly, morata gotta stay but also gotta work on his attitude&concentration, i would sell zaza for 25m , use the money to get berardi and brought some youngster from primavera, then get RB and Cm and we done

          • BelgianJuventino

            I think Cavani would be a decent replacement. I would like a younger striker who has been doing well, but I think they are so overpriced that Juve wont even try. Lukaku or Batshuayi perhaps. Aubameyang?

            If i could pick anyone I think I would go for Lewandowski.

            But someone should come in

          • KPS235

            Lukaku&Lewa would ruin our budget, everton paid 30m for Luka few yrs ago and now he is worth around 50m, and Lewa?oh dear 70m like nothing, Batshuhai would be cool, maybe 30m would make marseille let him go , i could take Cavani but he gotta lower his wages 4-5m with 3yrs contract

          • BelgianJuventino

            I know, it was a bit of fantasy football. I think Batshuayi is a realistic target. I also like Origi from Liverpool a lot.

            We need someone of Cavani level, it doesnt have to be him but someone similar.

            Someone who scores easily most of all, a finisher.

      • ADP#10

        That lacks a lot.

    • DutchJuventus

      So it’s gonna be Simone or Simone. I prefer Zaza at this point, mainly because i don’t know Ganz, but also because Zaza has done relatively well.

      • ADP#10

        I doubt Zaza would want to stay on as 4th choice striker when he knows he can be a starter at almost all other Serie A club and for any decent English team. Plus if he goes to England, he will get paid substantially more and Juve would receive a pretty hefty fee for his services, so I believe it will happen.

        If Morata leaves and Berardi comes in, I still see Zaza as the 4th choice striker in the team. At this stage in his career, I feel like it is best for Zaza if he leaves us, and we can profit from it. If Zaza wants to stay though and is happy with his position, then we should definitely keep him, but thats not the case.

  • DutchJuventus

    I don’t know him, his goalscoring stats are pretty decent, i read his father played in Serie A too. Also read he might be loaned out to Sassuolo. Sassuolo, our brothers lol.

  • James Anderson

    Transfer is necessary to grow as a big footballer… Its a true fact!!!

  • It is bizarre to find serious suggestion of Ganz finding himself anywhere near the first team squad. He was signed in January (agreeing to move to us in the Summer one a free), his father releasing the news I believe or in the least I recall him speaking of the move. His old man was a fox in the box kinda striker, back in the late 90s when I saw him at AC.

    As for his son…he has been signed as a decent youth prospect, likely to be used in other deals with smaller clubs (Saponara? Berardi? Lapadulla? Caprari?Duncan? De Sciglio even!). In absence of a counter-weight routine he will be loaned.

    No chance he will be in our senior squad. We do not replace even a Zaza (let alone a Morata), with two three solid seasons of Serie A football under his belt with a decent looking kid from Serie B. We may well see an inexperienced (at senior level) youngster in the squad, yet it won’t be in attack. I am hopeful of Mandragora and one other to be given a chance in the senior squad.

    • i could see him eing kept and farmed out on loan or the like for seasons to come, or possibly used as a bargaining chip to secure ricky Saponara or the like ???

      At least we beat the competition to get him which is a positive, plus he cost us nothing.

      As you say TGP, no chance he’ll be in the first team come August