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Allegri: ‘Juventus won’t park the bus against Bayern’

December 24, 2015

Max Allegri believes Juve v Bayern will be “a beautiful game” and insists he won’t be parking the bus against the German champions.

Speakign to Corriere della Sera. the Juve coach talked all things Bayern Munich while also dispensing some advice for young players.

“Will Pep Guardiola leaving change anything? No, in fact the year he announced his arrival and [Jupp] Heynckes announced his departure they lifted the trophy.” Allegri told the Italian daily.

“Will we park the bus? No, it will be beautiful game. We have to prepare well to go to the Quarter-Finals, and come out stronger to face the sprint in the League.

“The European showcase is important. After the final in Berlin , the international popularity of Juve changed.

“The League counts, and you have to win it, but the Champions League is seen all over the world and we always have to get to at least the Last 16.”

Allegri was asked whether he would continue coaching into his later years.

“No. I hope my daughter will give me grandchildren, and if the Lord gives me the opportunity to feel good then I want to enjoy my life.

“You have to go out as a winner.

“Life is to be lived – within the rules, and without hurting anyone – if you live passively and with sadness every day then what’s the point?”

The Juve coach also discussed the period after his dismissal from AC Milan.

“What did I do in my sabbatical? I went to London to see games. Why? Because there are 12 teams, and above all to speak English.

“How am I doing? I have to be freer in conversation, but I’m making strides.

“A colleague I’d invite to dinner? Guardiola, he’s caused me the most difficulty. He’s unique in changing the team on the pitch during the game.

“And a historical figure? Since he always preached calm and patience, [Mahatma] Gandhi.

“What will I give my four-year-old son for Christmas? I wish I could give him the values that I received. In today’s world we’re at risk of losing them.

“Young lads are very weak psychologically, because while technology is very useful it has decreased human interaction.”

Allegri then turned his attention to Juve’s upcoming league fixtures.

“In the return fixtures we play Roma, Napoli and Inter at home? It’s normal that can be an advantage.

“At Milan the year we won the League we won two derbies and two head-to-head clashes with Napoli. The big matches will be very important.

“Inter? They’re handling things well, the defeat to Lazio aside. They have a Coach who knows how to win.

“We have room for improvement, we can have a great season. We started with 10 new players, and with some uncertainty having lost some guarantees.

“After the success in Shanghai we started disastrously. Now the team is consistent.

“We have to continue like this, the team is growing and we mustn’t stop. Maintaining our position does not exist.”

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