The summer transfer window is only a couple of weeks away from opening for the Italian football league for 2024-2025. Juventus is the latest Serie A club to show interest in a variety of big players across the world. From Arsenal favourites to Manchester United’s players, Juventus is on a mission to bulk up their team and start something fresh. 

We’re going to be looking at all the players that they have shown an interest in, and work out whether it will give the team the mighty boost that they are looking for. Will we be expecting some last-minute scrambles from them during the open window? Probably not — we’re weeks away still and they’ve already got their heads in the game. 

Juve has a huge summer ahead of them, and while they have only just agreed on who their manager will be, there’s plenty of spotlight on them all, waiting to find out what they do next. Here’s the Juventus rundown, because it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. 

For all the talk of Juve signing this player or that, no deals have been completed yet. However, it’s only a matter of time. After years of reckless, questionable, and directionless spending and signings, the club has now seemingly got its game together, with Cristiano Giuntoli able to exert his full influence on the club.

Thiago Motta

Not quite a signing per se, but more of a new manager, so it deserves a spot in our Juventus rundown. Only on the 12th of June did we hear about this news, making it fresh off the press for all. Thiago Motta joined Juventus after he helped Bologna secure Champions League football in just his second-ever campaign. This is the first time for the team since 1964 — meaning that Motta is coming to Juventus on a mission to continue leading the way. Replacing Massimiliano Allegri as the Juve manager, Motta is the new first-team coach who has signed an agreement until June 30, 2027. With a huge summer of soccer coming, we know that Motta is going to make the soccer bets odds even more juicier than we’ve seen for Juventus. Now that the team has their new manager in place, all eyes are on who they will be signing. Let’s see who he’s going to be picking first. 

Douglas Luiz 

We know for a fact that the first signing by Juve will be Douglas Luis. Coming over from Aston Villa, the player’s current team will be handed $21 million, as well as midfielder Weston McKennie and winger Samuel Iling-Junior — all to sweeten the deal. This will bring Aston Villa a deal closer to $64 million, which is a huge start for Juve, but they’ve obviously got their eyes on some great soccer to come. 

It’s hot off the press that Luiz has accepted all the terms with Juve, so we can confirm that this transfer is the most likely out of the bunch. The midfielder comes with plenty of skill and managed to bag 10 goals and 10 assists for Villa last season — proving that he’s going to be a valuable asset to his new team on their journey to success.

Mason Greenwood

Ah, Mason Greenwood — a rising star who was struck down with plenty of controversy, which led to his downfall at Manchester United. Because of all the goings on in his personal life and relating to charges, he was placed on loan to La Liga. The internal investigations are now over, but he is on the hunt for a career elsewhere. Manchester United have made it very clear that they are looking to make a sale from him, and with Juventus in the market, it will probably happen. Juventus have always been fans of Greenwood, even dating back to 2019 when he was just 17 years old. He was offered a life-changing amount of money five years ago, which he then turned down — so Manchester Utd will be looking to get the same amount this time around. He’s not played for his boyhood club since his arrest back in 2022, so we can confirm that this transfer will most likely happen if the money is right for his team. 

Jadon Sancho 

Last but not least — Juve have all their eyes on Jadon Sancho from Manchester United. The team is currently trying to make a deal with his team, but Manchester United has asked for a huge $40 million for him. He spent the second half of last season on loan with Dortmund, due to a huge falling out with his home team’s manager, Erik ten Hag. The 24-year-old has no future with Manchester United and he has made it abundantly clear that he wants to leave, so now all eyes are on whether Juve will pay up. Their main option right now is Douglas Luiz, with Weston McKennie and Samuel Iling-Junior from Aston Villa, so it’s all about whether they can make room for all of this new signing. 

We have a few weeks until the windows reopen in Europe for the summer transfer, so nothing is set in stone until then. We can’t wait to see what Thiago Motta does with the team.