Juventus has never used Mohamed Ihattaren on the field and all the Dutchman does is bring negative press to them.

He was a shocking signing at the start of last season and he couldn’t settle on a loan at Sampdoria and Ajax, where he got into trouble with gangs.

The attacker is expected to return to Juve in January so that they can find a new home for him, but it seems they could be in trouble for even signing him.

A report on Il Bianconero reveals one of the wiretaps investigators made of the Bianconeri shows that his registration rights belong to the late Mino Raiola, which could mean Juve has broken third-party ownership rules.

Juve FC Says

Juve and Raiola had a very close relationship which benefited everyone and it is hardly a surprise that the Bianconeri could enter into such an agreement with him.

If they did, we expect them to have done it in a way that will not break any law, which means they can defend themselves on the agreement.

Ihattaren has hardly been in the news for the right reasons and we need to seriously consider selling him sooner than later before he puts us into a problem we will struggle to come out of.