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“A poor show” Adani slams Inter v Juventus match and calls Premier League big game better

October 27, 2021 - 10:15 am

Former Serie A defender Daniele Adani was unimpressed by the Derby d’Italia that Juventus and Inter Milan played on Sunday and he aimed another dig at the Bianconeri.

He said the match was a poor show of Italian football and slammed Juve for their style of play, which he hints creates very few chances.

“Fans from all over the world saw a poor show. There couldn’t be a worse promotion in the world for Serie A,” he said as quoted by Football Italia

“I saw many players laugh between them at the end of the game. How can they do it? This can’t be the image of Italian football around the world.”

He adds: “What are Juventus offering? How do they play? Manchester United and Liverpool had 25 shots on target in 30 minutes, if Juventus are lucky, they can produce 15 shots in one month.”

Juve FC say

It is quite easy for Adani to sit in the studio and discuss the flaws in Juventus’ games as he has always done recently.

But the key thing is that the club’s fans are behind their team and they are bringing in the results.

Every club plays to win their matches and that is no different for Juventus.

Max Allegri has been a pragmatic manager most of his career and it is commendable that he has remained true to his beliefs.

If that keeps winning trophies, then big-mouthed pundits like Adani can keep talking and it wouldn’t change a thing.

Italian football has never been known for its expansive style of play, rather it is mostly popular for the defensive solidity of the teams and the Derby d’Italia displayed that at the weekend.

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