Juventus, or The Old Lady as they are affectionately known by fans, is the most successful men’s professional soccer team in Italy. They have won the championship title on 36 separate occasions since 1898. 

One of the most successful spells in the club’s history was throughout the 2010s when they won the Serie A championship nine times. However, since then, they haven’t won the league. 

Things are looking much better this year. They are currently in second place, meaning there is a very slight chance they can win the current 2023/24 campaign. 

Let’s dive straight in to see if The Old Lady can become the same club that it was in the previous decade and take a closer look at their chances of winning the league this year. 

How successful were Juventus in the 2010s?

Before the 2010s, the last time Juventus won the title was at the end of the 2002/03 season, making it the 27th time they had won the top flight of Italian men’s professional soccer. They also won the previous season (2001/02).

By Juventus’ standards, the rest of the decade was pretty abysmal and is a period fans would rather forget. They had to wait another nine seasons before Juve would lift the cup again in the 2011/12 season. 

During this time, they also spent one season (2006/07) down in Serie B as a punishment for their club officials’ roles in a match-fixing scandal.

Things didn’t improve until the 2010s. Incredibly, Juventus went on to win the league the following nine consecutive seasons. The final Serie A win came in the last season of the decade (2019/20), which earned them their 36th title. 

Since then, things have not gone Juve’s way. They have failed to finish in the top three for the past three consecutive seasons, which many Serie A soccer betting sites didn’t see coming before the start of each season. The tables at the end of the season looked like this:

  • Season: 2020/21. Serie A winner: Internazionale (Inter Milan). Runners-up: AC Milan. Third place: Atalanta. 
  • Season: 2021/22. Serie A winner: AC Milan. Runners-up: Internazionale. Third place: Napoli. 
  • Season: 2022/23. Serie A winner: Napoli. Runners-up: Lazio. Third place: Internazionale. 

As well as winning the title on 36 separate occasions, Juventus have also been the runners-up 21 times. The other two joint-second most successful Serie A teams are Inter Milan and AC Milan, who have both been champions 19 times and runners-up 16 times. 

Can Juve ever get back to their winning ways and emulate the success of the 2010s?

Despite a dip in form over the past few seasons and losing 1-0 at home to Udinese as recently as February 12, 2024, Juventus seem to be going through somewhat of a resurgence. 

In the 17 games played from September to late January, Juventus didn’t lose one game. Many fans believe their current form can see them leapfrog current league leaders Inter Milan into the top spot before the end of the season. 

Inter Milan (60 points) have 1 game in hand (53 points) and are 7 points ahead of Juve. Inter have played 23, won 19, drawn 3, lost 1, scored 55 and conceded 12, which gives them a +43 goal difference (GD). 

In comparison, Juve have played 24, won 16, drawn 5, lost 3, scored 36, and conceded 15, giving them a +21 GD. 

Can Juventus win the 2023/24 Serie A title?

The quickest and most reliable way to find out if Juve can win the league this year would be to look at the latest Serie A outright winner odds on well-established iGaming sites like Unibet. 

Juventus fans won’t like it, but Inter Milan are the clear odds-on favourites to win the league this year. Juventus are the second odds-on favourite. 

If you were to place a wager on Juventus to win the 2023/24 title right now, you are looking at odds of around 20/1 (decimal odds), 21.00 (decimal odds) or +2,000 (American/moneyline odds), meaning they only have a 4.80% chance of winning. 

In comparison, Inter Milan is currently priced at around 1/50, meaning they have an incredible 98.00% chance of winning the league. In other words, Juve might not be able to win the league this year, but they could be back to their winning ways next year. We will just have to wait and see.