Following Friday’s court ruling, Juventus need unity more than ever. The players, the fans and the new management must all come together to face what has been largely deemed to be a severe and unjust punishment.

While the club’s lawyers will appeal the decision to deduct 15 points from our league tally, Juventus players will have to pull off an exceptional run between now and the end of the campaign in order to come away with the least possible damage.

For his part, club captain Leonardo Bonucci took it upon himself to recharge his teammates and fans alike with an inspirational message on social account.

The 35-year-old describes the Bianconeri as a seven-headed dragon which cannot be tamed nor killed.

“Juventus is like a seven-headed dragon. You cut one off and another pops up,” wrote the skipper in an Instagram story as reported by Corriere dello Sport.

“This club never gives up and it’s strength is in the environment.”

Bonucci had initially joined Juventus in 2010, playing a vital role in the club’s revival under the guidance of Antonio Conte.

Despite making a controversial transfer to Milan in the summer of 2017, he then completed a sensational return to Turin a year later. He officially became club captain following Giorgio Chiellini’s departure last summer.