Former Inter Milan defender, Daniele Adani has launched another scathing attack on Juventus after their recent defeat at the hands of Sassuolo.

Adani has been an outspoken critic of Massimiliano Allegri and Juve, and in his latest comments on the Bianconeri, he said via Tuttosport:

“Juve’s problem is very serious. The season has never started. There are so many difficulties in expressing the game. It is a team without a leader or a tail. You think, communicate and play as you train. I am not surprised by this result, even if serious.

“Even with Inter I saw a very renouncing team that found the goal only for a Dumfries mistake. But if you instil as a thought to speculate on conceding a few goals because you just need to make one, then you also lose by making one in less.”

Adani is now paid to talk and sometimes he is speaking the truth about how dreadful Juve is.

However, his conclusion that Juventus doesn’t have leaders is wrong.

The current Bianconeri team comprises some of the leading Italian players and the likes of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci have done well in leading both club and country.

We can all see that this Juventus team needs a lot of work to be done on it, because of that it is normal for the team to produce inconsistently.

With time, they will find the right balance and we would see them win games like the fixture against Sassuolo.

But we cannot allow that defeat to make us think this team isn’t making progress, because it is.