A22 is doing a terrific job in bringing the European Super League back to life after the original idea was rejected by the public.

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid have employed the company to redesign the competition and make it more acceptable to the masses.

Considering the backlash the initial launch encountered, it is not easy to think that the new idea will also be accepted.

However, A22 is taking a more positive and inclusive approach and has maintained that the new format will benefit everyone.

The company has now released ten cardinal principles, as reported by Il Bianconero. The news portal listed them as follows: 

Competitions on a broad and meritocratic basis, national tournaments: the foundations of football, improve competitiveness with stable and sustainable resources, player health must be at the center of the game, club-run competitions with transparent and adequately applied financial sustainability rules, the best football competition in the world, Improvement of the fans’ experience, develop and finance women’s football, a significant increase in aid, respect for the law and values of the European Union.

Juve FC Says

The Super League is an idea that can succeed, but we cannot help but doubt the protagonists after they introduced an initial competition that was very selfish.