A22, the company employed to develop the European Super League, also intends to create a competition for women.

Today’s verdict by the European Court has given the proponents of the idea hope that they will soon have their own competition.

While everyone is focused on the male competition, A22, like UEFA, also intends to establish a female competition, as reported by Tuttojuve.

The report claims that A22 has developed a women’s Super League, which will consist of two groups of 16 teams each. Each team will play eight home and away games, guaranteeing them at least 14 games each.

It remains unclear which clubs will allow their women’s teams to join this competition, but the Super League proponents will spend more time and resources trying to revive the male edition before considering the women’s competition.

Juve FC Says

Today has been an interesting and overwhelming day with so much information flying around following the verdict by the European Court.

However, we expect the dust to settle in the next few days and there will be more clarity on how the Super League will begin and how UEFA will fight back.

It would be interesting to see if the Juve men’s and women’s teams will join the competitions.