Some recent reports appeared to suggest that Juventus and AC Milan would swap players with the Bianconeri sending Federico Bernardeschi to the fashion capital for Alessio Romagnoli.

Both players have struggled to play for their respective teams this season and they seem to fulfil the needs of either side.

However, the rumours have reportedly been denied by Milan, according to Tuttosport via Football Italia.

The report says the Milan directors are not interested in swapping players with Juve for a few reasons.

Firstly, both players earn different salaries and the Rossoneri will inherit Bernardeschi’s higher wages.

Secondly, both teams should always make capital gains in a transfer like this, but that won’t be possible.

Finally, Milan doesn’t think that previous transactions with Juventus have favoured them, so they will let this one pass.

Bernardeschi has had a tough season and it doesn’t look like things will get better for him in the next campaign.

He would be in the last year of his current deal in the summer and the club and player have to decide their next step.

Although he isn’t one of their best players, the Bianconeri will prefer to make some money from his sale instead of letting him leave as a free agent in 2022.