AC Milan’s board are stressed about the situation they find themselves in, it seems their manager Stefano Pioli is in some trouble right now and the club are looking for a way out by changing who is in charge. 

Sportwitness are reporting that the Rosseneri are discussing replacing Pioli and they already have someone in mind and that is Tottenham Hotspur manager, Antonio Conte.

The Spurs gaffer has consistently been linked with Max Allegri’s position at Juventus and if Milan really are interested in the services of Conte, then that could easily prompt Juve to have a serious discussion internally about Allegri, especially if results do not improve in Turin.

Both Milan and Juve are in poor shape right now, both could conceivably miss out on Champions League football and that would then create a race for the respective clubs to change their managers and Conte would naturally be among the contenders for either job.

A lot will depend on what sort of season Tottenham end up having, they have been inconsistent but their fans clearly love Conte and there are no signs that the club wants to see him leave.

Conte is a tricky fellow as we Juve fans know and the big question is can AC Milan or Juve truly match his ambitions, especially in the transfer market, he always wants to win now and has little interest in a project.

Going to be an interesting few months.