Lele Adani must have watched the Napoli-Juventus game hoping to find something terrible to discuss about the Bianconeri afterwards, and they obliged him.

Max Allegri’s men were swept aside by a fascinating Napoli team as Juve was sent back to Turin with nothing to show for their journey.

The Bianconeri had won eight consecutive league games prior with clean sheets, so fans had expected them to at least perform a defensive masterclass in Naples.

However, Victor Osimhen proved too hot to handle and Adani pointed out how terrible Juve defended for the second goal.

He said via Calciomercato:

“The example of Juventus’ performance tonight is what we have on the second goal, that of Kvaratskhelia. Who was to take the Georgian? Why ok Bremer getting fooled by Osimhen, who is currently but what does Danilo do? Do you have to double on the Nigerian or close on 77? Because if the thing Danilo had to do was the first, the fifth in midfield would have had to close Kvaratskhelia and instead was not there. Who trained and prepared the closures, the climbs on the Georgian in the week? I don’t because I deal with other things.”

Juve FC Says

The loss to Napoli came in a very bad fashion and it is more shocking when you consider that Juve has been in top form for much of the last few weeks.

The Bianconeri defending had been impeccable, but all that was undone in Naples and now teams will watch clips of this game to know how to inflict more losses on us.