Lele Adani is one of Max Allegri’s most vocal critics, and it’s widely known that he disagrees with the manager’s tactical approach.

Adani is particularly displeased with Allegri’s defensive style of play, especially considering the attacking talent at his disposal. Allegri’s conservative tactics often force the team to defend more in games, a strategy that Adani finds frustrating.

While there are several critics of Allegri’s style of play, Adani stands out as one of the most consistent and outspoken. He consistently finds fault with Allegri’s tactics.

However, Adani maintains that he is simply doing his job. He believes in giving praise where it’s due but is also willing to criticise when he feels it’s warranted.

When asked if he hates Allegri, he said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“No, absolutely. I defend football, everything I do is based on analysis and respect. I treat everyone the same way, if on the other side there was a dispute of a certain type and instead you have no arguments it means that the strong opinion was right.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri is not a manager who cares so much about critics, which is something that makes him unique.

He understands the critic’s role in football and knows he just needs to focus on ensuring his team wins as many matches as possible.