Following the hollow performance in Bergamo, Juventus coach Max Allegri seemed satisfied with the point earned from the goalless draw against Atalanta.

Unsurprisingly, his comments added insult to injury, further enraging a large section of the fanbase who were already irked by the team’s display.

For his part, Daniele Adani has been chastising the Juventus manager almost since his return to the club in 2021.

The former Inter defender felt that Juve’s display and the coach’s comments afterwards confirmed his previous points.

The 49-year-old describes Allegri as a lucky person who gets it all in his favor without having to do much.

Adani insists that late Juventus owner and president Gianni Agnelli would have never accepted such a stance following a draw in Bergamo.

“Juventus has become small, dear Juve fans. At the moment you are rooting for a small team, but it’s not due to the value of the players,” said the retired defender during his appearance on Bobo TV via ilBianconero.

“In my opinion, Allegri is the one who is least to blame, he understood everything.

“Massimiliano Allegri is the most perfectly positioned person in this country. Because last year, he got everything by offering nothing and now he does even less. He’s getting everything without making any effort.

“Why are you [Juve fans] allowing yourselves to be taken as fools? Allegri makes you believe that Juve in Bergamo must stay the entire match in their own half and you believe it.

“Juventus now look like a provincial team. Some people have been telling you this for four years, but you attack them when you win 1-0.

“We talk about football and it bothers you because when you lose 1-0 in the same way it bothers you and when you draw 0-0, you say you hate Allegri. I was alone 4 years ago.

“I have in front of me the effigy of the L’Avvocato Gianni Agnelli who appears in front of me and says: ‘Please, tell the truth, do something for this country, say something.’

“Agnelli would never have allowed a draw in Bergamo to be passed off as a good result by choice.”

Adani also urged new Juventus technical director Cristiano Giuntoli to start acting.

“I would say to Giuntoli: ‘You have been given a five-year mandate, so when does it start?!’

“The draw in Bergamo being considered a good result is one of the greatest embarrassments in Juventus history.”