Lele Adani has commended Juventus for their tenacity and fighting spirit in their recent match against Torino.

Despite missing key players like Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic, who have been responsible for a significant portion of their goals this season, Juventus still secured a victory and made life difficult for their city rivals, Torino.

Throughout the match, Juventus displayed a dangerous attacking mindset and showed a strong determination to assert their dominance over their opponents. The game showcased Juventus’ determination to secure the win and their commitment to achieving their goals.

They impressed Adani, who is a strong critic of the club, and he said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Juventus finds itself when it is angry, when, as Bremer did, even in a match not played well, it left our heads, taking a kick in the face, remembering Chiellini, just to contribute to the first goal. 

“If he fails to find his way to goal, he also scores with free kicks, he also causes the opponent’s goalkeeper to make mistakes and when Juventus does this, I find them in the spirit, in the desire to being at the top. 

“In trying not to make excuses, in not resorting to absences because compared to the Bergamo match we didn’t even have Chiesa, they started with Kean, called up by Spalletti. 

“Then Milik came in and made the difference with the goal he scored closed the game.This Juve with this spirit is absolutely credible and plays to get there first.” 

Juve FC Says

The performance against Torino was very good, and the boys proved they will always get results no matter which player is missing.

This is important because we cannot rely on a few individuals if we are serious about returning to the Champions League at the end of this season.