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Adani says Allegri does nothing but create confusion

January 30, 2023 - 11:30 pm

Lele Adani has launched another attack on Max Allegri’s Juventus and insists the Bianconeri gaffer seems to confuse the players with his tactics instead of making them play better.

Juve ended last season with zero trophies and that could also be the case in this campaign as the black and whites struggle with consistency.

It has been a tough few months for the club as Allegri’s men seek to ensure they can end it well after being docked 15 points.

However, Adani has never been convinced about Allegri and in his latest attack on the tactician, he said via Calciomercato:

“What Allegri says says, he says because he will have the wrist of the locker room but he doesn’t seem to. We say it from the outside, it is clear, but we do not invent games. We say it seeing the games, without inventing anything because we have been watching games for eighteen months, since Max has been on the bench. I always see a lot of confusion. Tactics, as well as competitive”.

Juve FC Says

Allegri’s style of play won him five consecutive league titles during his first spell at the club and there was hardly a criticism of how Juventus played at the time.

The reason it is different now is that the team is not getting the results it needs and we must change that.

As long as we don’t win, our style of play will be under attack by pundits and some fans.

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  • Avatar
    martinn January 31, 2023 at 3:23 am

    Enough, yes it under attack all the time, just outside of the brand bubble. but maybe you can tell me what USED TO happen because that makes it magically happen now, right? allegri is a dinosaur, and here`s a news flash, race against an f-15 in barney rubble`s stone wheel car; it used to work, right? it`s different because it`s negative, ancient and unwatchable yes even when you beat the likes of Monza, at home…oh wait!! clueless

    • Avatar
      martinn January 31, 2023 at 3:28 am

      SOME fans? lol get real. isolationist language is a corporate technique to protect a brand against attack, as is the us and them approach. but tell me again how playing on a thursday night and having a huddle after a disgraceful loss is bonding with the fans that matter. we are only a victim of brand fan apathy, excuses and allegri. #BanterEra