Lele Adani has launched a fresh attack on Juventus and insists they have the players on the bench who can even compete in a Champions League semi-final.

The Bianconeri have been inconsistent this season and recently hit a poor run of form in the league.

Their loss to Napoli in their last domestic game was their third league loss in as many games, which is not ideal for a team looking to end the season inside the top four.

Juve remains one of the biggest sides in the country in terms of reputation, but they must do better to show they want to end this campaign well.

Adani does not believe their poor form is because they lack quality players and says via Calciomercato:

“This team here could play one of the Champions League semifinals without any problems, this team would be competing for a spot on the bench instead of Milan or Inter. And this was the bench, not the starters! Even the injured players are gone at Juventus! Where are the excuses from the failures? Because failure and failures go together. So I ask: what is the reason, besides the salary, to continue with a technical guide like this?”.

Juve FC Says

We do have quality players and probably the best squad in the country, so we can understand this criticism.

Max Allegri must do better to ensure his players start to perform well, otherwise, he could lose his job at the end of the campaign.