Lele Adani has joined the debate about the Italian top four this season and seems to suggest we can now consider Juventus’ chance gone.

The Black and Whites have lost 15 league points but continue to work hard to finish inside the Champions League places.

It has not been easy and some clubs would be rooted at the bottom of the league table if that number of points were removed from them.

For the last few weeks, there has been some confidence that Juve could still make a Champions League place, but Adani believes those spots on the table are taking shape now.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“There is a team that has bothered everyone and it is Lazio! Guys, Lazio blew up all the calculations. Why did they say rightly? Rome we see what it does, but one thinks, at the beginning Naples was not so listed so let’s see what Rome does. Juve is now out, but if you put Juve in it, then one between Rome and Naples, and the Milanese say ‘the two places are there’.

Juve FC Says

Victory is sweeter when everyone doubts you can achieve it and we do not need to worry too much about Adani’s comments.

We just need to focus on our games and win them one match at a time before the season ends.