Juventus has been embroiled in some controversy recently after their women’s club posted an image that appeared to mock Asian people.

The Bianconeri is a global brand and one of the biggest clubs in Europe at the moment.

Their outfitter, Adidas, has come under the spotlight following the controversial post and they have now confirmed that they are in talks with the club.

Football Italia reports that the tweet was a picture that showed one Juventus Women defender, Cecilia Salvai, putting a small red cone on her head as a hat. She also held her eyes with her fingers to make them appear like a Chinese person.

The image was online for just 20 minutes, but it sparked fury from fans and social media users.

Juventus has apologized for the mistake and Adidas has now confirmed that they are speaking to them considering that she wore a kit designed by them in the picture.

“Adidas condemns racism whether intentional or otherwise, there is no place in sport and society we are speaking with the club on addressing the matter,” a spokesperson told Sky Sports UK as tweeted by Football Daily.

Juve will want to get this controversy over with as soon as possible and they will hope it doesn’t affect their contract with the German kit provider.