Adrien Rabiot is among the rare footballers who have their family members as their agents, and the midfielder has shared why having his mother by his side in this capacity is a positive aspect of his career.

Veronique Rabiot has been representing her son since the inception of his professional career and continues to play a significant role in managing his affairs.

While she claims that Adrien makes the final decisions, many believe she is the driving force behind his career moves, including his recent contract extension with Juventus in the summer.

Rabiot perceives the presence of his mother as his representative as a beneficial aspect, emphasising that it provides reassurance both to him as a player and to the clubs he works for.

The midfielder said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Generally, if I don’t have specific requests we maybe discuss together with upstream, I trust his way of negotiating, knowing his personality and character. I don’t find anything wrong with the fact that a parent is present and I think it is reassuring for a club to know that one of its players is not at the mercy of strangers or agents with other priorities. If I had children, I too would go to watch their training.”

Juve FC Says

As long as his mother is a licenced agent and a professional, there is nothing wrong with her representing her son.

Rabiot has had a promising career and the guidance of his mother has played an essential role in that happening.