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Adrien Rabiot to return to Turin

May 12, 2020 - 3:01 pm

Adrien Rabiot is set to return to Turin this week while Gonzalo Higuain will remain in Argentina for the time being.

The French midfielder was the subject of a report in La Stampa this morning, suggesting he had been reluctant to return to Italy in protest against the salary cuts agreed on by the squad.

Both Sky Sport Italia and Gazzetta Dello Sport report that Rabiot is expected to arrive in Turin in the next two days while RTL France suggest that Rabiot “believes he has not made any mistakes and will return to Turin after following the training schedule to the letter.”

Higuain will remain in Argentina for now having been granted an extended leave due to his mother’s illness and general concerns over travel during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The remaining members of the team are undertaking daily training sessions at Continassa and at home as they prepare for a possible return of Serie A in the weeks ahead.



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