After Juventus midfielder, Adrien Rabiot tested positive to covid-19, La Repubblica via Football Italia has now revealed that 98% of Serie A players have been vaccinated against the infection, an impressive figure.

Anti-vaxxers have slowed the pace of vaccination for the illness around the world and there are some of them among the squads at Serie A clubs.

The report says seven out of the twenty clubs in the competition have been fully vaccinated.

There are around 20 players and staff who have continued to refuse to be vaccinated.

One club has five anti-vaxxers in their squad, while a couple of others have two and some clubs have just a single player who hasn’t been vaccinated yet.

It also reveals that most of those refusing the vaccines are from Africa and northern Europe.

It remains unclear how many Juve players have continued to reject the vaccine.

It is also not clear if Rabiot has been vaccinated, considering that an individual could still be infected if he has fully been vaccinated.

Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic had tested positive for the virus and he claimed to have been fully vaccinated at the time, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

Juve will be waiting for Rabiot to make a full recovery and get involved in their matches again as he has been an important part of their team in this campaign.