In the current economical crisis, most clubs have opted to do their transfer business through initial loan deals, with a view for buying the players’ outrights in the future.

Last summer, Weston McKennie, Alvaro Morata and Federico Chiesa had all landed in Turin throughout similar operations.

Whilst Juventus announced the redemption of the American midfielder on Wednesday, the future of his teammates is yet to be fully determined.

However, news reports believe that both players will eventually end up playing at the Allianz stadium next season.

According to ilBianconero ,Chiesa and Morata will both remain at Juventus, but throughout different agreements.

The Italian international made the move from Fiorentina last summer, and has become a key player in Andrea Pirlo’s tactical scheme.

The winger arrived to Turin for an initial loan fee worth 10 million euros, but the club will have the obligation to redeem his outrights for an additional 40 millions if he plays in 60% of the Bianconeri’s matches throughout the season.

Moreover, the buyout clause would also be triggered if Chiesa contributes in 10 goals and 10 assists this season. In this case, Juve would also have to pay Fiorentina an additional 10 millions as bonuses.

Thus, one way or another, the young winger is destined to remain with the Italian champions.

On the other hand, Morata’s situation could be a little less certain.

The Bianconeri had also paid 10 millions for the initial loan fee, but the striker’s buyout clause would cost them 45 million euros.

However, Juve have another option on their hands, that is to renew the Spaniard’s loan for another season by paying an additional 10 millions for Atletico Madrid, and therefore postponing the final decision on the player’s future until 2022.

This scenario is reportedly the most probable one at the moment.