The Super League protagonists continue to try and persuade why the idea needs to be accepted by the wider public and have been hard at work on finetuning it.

When the original idea was birthed, it was a closed shop which was instantly rejected by the public and forced most of its original adopters to drop their support.

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid have remained defiant and employed A22 to oversee the restructuring and repositioning of the idea.

The company has a tough task and seems to be making progress in its effort to bring a more inclusive competitor to the UEFA Champions League.

After speaking with around 50 football clubs on the continent, they are set to relaunch the idea and it will be more open than the original one.

Their CEO, Bernd Reichart, has now spoken about the idea and says via Calciomercato:

“Clubs take on all entrepreneurial risks, but too often they are forced to remain on the sidelines when key decisions are made and find themselves witnessing the crumbling of their sporting and financial foundations. Our discussions have made it clear that clubs are often unable to speak publicly against a system where the threat of sanctions is used to stifle any opposition. Our dialogue has been honest, direct and fruitful. We have come to clear conclusions on the need for change and on what the building blocks are to achieve it.”

Juve FC Says

The clubs still supporting the Super League have come too far and made too many sacrifices to give up on the idea now.

Juve has not spoken about their stance since Andrea Agnelli resigned as their president, but for now, they have not renounced its support either.