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Agnelli admits difficult period but still adamant on winning every competition

October 30, 2021 - 2:00 pm

On Friday, Juventus held their annual general assembly, and as one would expect, the mood was dour due to the latest shocking defeat at the hands of Sassuolo.

The management heard all the displeasure as well as the concerns of the shareholders who were far from impressed with the club’s transfer strategy.

Nevertheless, president Andrea Agnelli reaffirmed the club’s high ambitions, proclaiming that Juventus always fight to win on all fronts.

“We are Juventus and this means winning. Always win. Aiming to win every competition in which we take part in. This is our dogma, and it does not change,” said Agnelli in a press conference held after the shareholders meeting as reported by JuveNews.

The patron admitted that the club is facing great difficulties at the moment, but he believes that the tough period witnessed in 2010 remains the most complicated.

Juve FC say

Mentioning 2010 might not be a mere coincidence. That was the era when a young president took over a club in shambles and led an incredible comeback while establishing the longest winning dynasty in Italian football history.

Therefore, this could be Agnelli’s way of reminding the fans and the shareholders of his role in the the club’s success in the last decade.

The challenges that the Bianconeri are facing in this day and age are obviously different, and we can only watch and find out if Agnelli is still the right man to lead the club forward.

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