Juventus have confirmed the candidates to form the club’s new board of directors while President Andrea Agnelli insists “the club’s management model remains substantially unchanged.”

Agnelli was in Milan for the Lega Assembly and addressed the media regarding the clubs recent restricting, namely the impending departure of Giuseppe Marotta:

“The club’s management model remains substantially unchanged. There is a Board of Directors that manages the club through a system of delegated powers, which will be assigned when the new Board is established after the Shareholders’ Meeting on 25 October.

“Juventus’ management model, from the moment of my arrival up until today, has always been the same and is based on three pillars: at the centre, there is naturally the sport, then there are the revenues and services. From this standpoint, there will be no changes.

“Instead, the people heading up these pillars will change. Fabio Paratici will be the Head of the Sports Area, Giorgio Ricci will assume the role of Chief Revenue Officer and Marco Re will be responsible for the services, i.e. Finance, Human Resources, Technological Services and Purchases.

“They are professionals who are 45 years old on average and who are ready and prepared to take on the above responsibilities, thanks also to the extraordinary work done in the last eight years by Giuseppe Marotta and Aldo Mazzia, which has enabled the growth of these young managers, who now face ambitious challenges, equal, if not higher, than those of 2010, when we assumed the management of the club.

“We must be ready to face the global challenges and be able to compete with teams that are slightly ahead of us in terms of revenue, remaining a benchmark for football around the world. Looking forwards, we have six years of well-defined national and international competitions.

“We know well that Juventus’ management model derives from on-pitch matters, but equally importantly, alongside the Sports Area, are the revenues and services. I would like to underline how the management model which Juventus will adopt, will be completely consistent with the recent past.”

Agnelli categorically denied rumours that circulated in the Italian press this morning which suggested that Paratici would be leaving the club alongside Beppe Marotta:

Juventus have released an official press statement confirming the list of candidates to form the new board of directors, including Vice-President Pavel Nedved and director Maurizio Arrivabene while chief financial officer Aldo Mazzia is excluded and will join Marotta in leaving the club at the end of the month.

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