For twelve long years, Andrea Agnelli proudly acted as Juventus president, a prestigious post which was once held by his late father Umberto and his legendary uncle Gianni.

Sadly, what started as a prosperous era ended on a negative note, with the club embroiled in legal and financial troubles, culminating in his resignation on November 28.

Today, the general assembly meeting is currently ongoing at the Allianz Stadium. The shareholders are expected to approve the financial statement from the previous campaign and will also receive the list of the suggested members of the new board of directors.

This meeting will also mark the final appearance of Agnelli as club president before his vacates his office once and for all, and the same goes for his vice-president Pavel Nedved, CEO Maurizio Arrivabene and the rest of the resigned board.

In his last speech, the departing chairman admits that resignation wasn’t an easy decision, but nevertheless remains proud of his achievements during his time at the helm of Juventus.

“Resigning wasn’t easy. But I did my utmost to get the results obtained, on and off the pitch,” said Agnelli in his speech as reported by la Gazzetta dello Sport.

“They were extraordinary results. It was a decision that I made with conviction and in complete serenity.

“The club is called to defend its position. I am personally convinced that I have done well in recent years and the complaints against us are not justified.

“Nonetheless, the club will have to continue to protect its interests, and I thought it was appropriate to take a step back.

“Juventus, therefore, comes before everything and everyone. Fino alla Fine.”