Juventus President Andrea Agnelli confirms that Maurizio Sarri was always the clubs first choice but that it is ‘heresy not to think of Pep Guardiola’.

The Bianconeri patron was speaking to Radio24 about a number of issues related to the club, starting with the prospect of playing this weekends Derby D’Italia behind closed doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

“I believe that the priority for the system of the country must be the public health,” the President said.

“Starting from this assumption, there’s a dialogue with the various stakeholders, but every decision must be taken to protect the public health.

“Interruption of the sports system is difficult; the schedule is extremely clogged due to previous decisions and it’s difficult to reschedule a match. Then, if this is decided, we will adapt.”

“Organising a match like Juve-Inter in a different stadium is extremely complicated, I’m sorry about the show itself, because the Italian championship is affected because of a historic game of football. But the priority is the public health.

“But remember that the legal decision in Piemonte lasts until Saturday, so today the public at the Allianz Stadium are expected to be there.

“Sarri? We wanted Maurizio and we took him, Conte is a symbol of Juventus; he has won multiple Scudetti and the Champions League.

“Conte is Juventus from this point of view. We have a peaceful relationship with him, but we are professional.

“That he took on the challenge of bringing ambitious Inter back to the winners’ circle, rubbing heads with [Inter President] Steven Zhang, who is a person I know and respect, is something that fascinates me.

“Lazio? You have to fear the carefree, they don’t have any obligations to win. That’s their advantage.

But it could also be an enemy if two or three defeats arrived and you remain satisfied with qualifying for the Champions League.

“Compared to Inter, they have a different philosophy, with two squads that are hardly comparable. Inter aren’t as light-hearted, because Conte has taken on the obligation to win.

“Pep Guardiola? It’s heresy to say that you don’t think of Guardiola, but today you have to evaluate the moment you live, like any professional. If one is happy where he is, it’s difficult to move.”