Andrea Agnelli has been forced to hide his head in shame after English clubs bailed out on him and other European Super League sides hours after he claimed there was an agreement like a “blood pact” binding the competing teams.

The Bianconeri was one of several teams who have led the effort to form the new breakaway competition that would have replaced the Champions League.

The plan was to have 20 teams in total, 15 of which would be founding members that would never be relegated from the competition.

It was expected to earn more money for the clubs involved who feel that they are being underpaid by UEFA.

The announcement of the new competition was immediately met with widespread protest by football fans around the world.

Agnelli and Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez maintained that the agreement would go on and he told Italian paper La Repubblica: ‘There is a blood pact between the clubs, we are going forward,

‘This project has a 100 per cent possibility of success.’

However, hours later, Manchester City pulled out of the agreement and they were followed by Chelsea and the other English teams eventually, who couldn’t take the heat.

The Juve patron has now been left to eat his words following the recent developments.