Despite resigning from his role as Juventus chairman, Andrea Agnelli remains a staunch defender of the European Super League project.

The controversial competition was announced in April 2021, but nine of the 12 founding clubs swiftly retreated due to major public and political backlash, leaving the Bianconeri, Real Madrid and Barcelona as the last advocates of the project.

But in Agnelli’s case, it was particularly personal, as the former Juventus patron used to share a great rapport with UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin. Thus, the latter considered the Italian’s act as great treachery.

In a recent interview, the former Juventus president returned to promote the Super League project, insisting that it would provide fairness, equality, and excitement while claiming that the current European competitions have become stagnant and predictable.

Agnelli also took the opportunity to aim a dig towards Ceferin and FIFA president Gianni Infantino, describing them as power-hungry individuals.

“They are not interested in the club’s problems. As rulers, they want to keep everything as it is. Every change is opposed. This is why the system is not future-proof,” said Agnelli in his interview with the Telegraf via ilBianconero.

“Will they continue to watch international football in the Netherlands if Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV never get a chance to win or even participate?

“Hence, another European competition with various divisions with a promotion and relegation system is needed.

“The Super League is necessary, because if everything remains as predictable as it is at the moment, the public will turn away from football.

“English domination also threatens European football. From the quarter-finals onwards, the Champions League is about English clubs and three or four others like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​​​PSG and Bayern Munich, with the occasional underdog like Ajax in 2019. That predictability spells death to any competition.

“In 2019, Aleksander and I were ready. The top clubs of all the subdivisions of the ECA had agreed on a new format.

“So when UEFA decided to block the idea, projects outside UEFA were born to organize a new championship with all the ECA clubs. The possibility of the project taking off will depend on the European Court of Justice

“I don’t think the solution of 2019 is possible with Ceferin & co at the helm. Also, isn’t it strange that there is only one candidate for the presidency of both UEFA and FIFA? In particular those who are already in office.

“Is it a healthy thing? Can change be expected from these indiduals? Ceferin and Infantino will do everything to remain in power and secure their privileges.

“Have you heard what Ceferin said in the Apple documentary? As UEFA president, he feels as powerful as a king and speaks like a prime minister on the organization of competitions.”