Juventus President Andrea Agnelli believes the path from the U23 team to the first team applies to the coach, as well as the players, hinting about Andrea Pirlo’s future.

Agnelli was speaking at Andrea Pirlo’s first press conference as Juventus U23 coach and suggested that the Bianconeri are hoping to emulate the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid by having a coach who makes a successful transition from second team to the senior squad.

“The path from second team to the first team applies to the players but also to the coach,” Agnelli told the gathered press, “There are examples in Europe of great coaches with that path. The hope is exactly this. It is a path that must be earned, a step at a time.

“The matches of our U23 sees teams that really give everything, because they find a Juventus that ‘can finally be hurt’, and so they are tough, difficult games that create and train the kids.

“It has been a year that has not necessarily been fully understood, because it was a very hard and very difficult year. But at the end of the year, the winner is written on the gold leaders board.

“If we start from the beginning, a team is made up of dynamics, relationships, knowledge, exchanges between people, and we have changed 13 people from the technical staff: nutritionist, athletic trainer, doctors, coach and staff. Dynamics have been reset, and it takes time.

“Now we have the Champions League goal in front of us, and we are all focused there, starting with the return game with Lyon, which will be very difficult for us. This week we have to stay focused to get ready for the match and hopefully go to Lisbon. “