Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has once again defended the European Super League, and this time he claims the competition is already in operation, but in another country.

Juve, Barcelona and Real Madrid continue to push for the competition which would replace the UEFA Champions League.

However, they have lost most of the support they initially had, and it is a surprise that they are relentlessly pursuing the idea.

One of their arguments is that it will stop a competition from dominating the game, but Agnelli believes there is already a Super League.

He maintains that the Premier League is one as it has all the money on the continent, and it also draws all the best players in the world.

“Slowly, the Premier League will attract all the talent, which goes where it’s better paid. There is already a Super League,” he said via Football Italia.

“We could have two English teams in the Champions League Final, one in the Europa League, perhaps against a Scottish one.

“There is one Premier League at the start of the season, and another one from March onwards. The current system is locked, the same teams always win domestically. With the Super League, we wanted to create a dialogue with UEFA and FIFA, the definition of the competition’s format is something else and would come later.”

Juve FC Says

The Super League idea will hardly work now because of how selfish the original proposal was.

If the proponents didn’t make it a closed shop, fans would have supported the idea, but they made it one. No matter how many tweaks they make to it, it would be hard to get support for the idea now.