Juventus set an example for other teams in dealing with a covid scare this week, and Andrea Agnelli wanted Napoli and other teams to know that.

The Bianconeri just beat Milan 3-1 at the San Siro, but the build-up to the game was marred by an outbreak of covid-19 in the Juventus camp.

Alex Sandro and Juan Cuadrado both tested positive for the infectious disease and Juve’s trip to Milan for the match was delayed by a few hours.

This is because their team had to take another test so that if there are other cases, they would be discovered before the game.

Eventually, the remaining players tested negative, and the match went on, even though two Milan players also missed the game following positive tests.

This was a different and better way of dealing with covid outbreaks when compared to the Napoli–Juventus scenario.

The Partenopei didn’t show any willingness to honour their league fixture against Juventus last year, and they didn’t leave Naples.

This resulted in the game being awarded to the Bianconeri as a 3-0 win, and Napoli got docked one more point.

However, CONI overturned that verdict late last year and the game will be replayed at a later date now, but Agnelli wanted to be sure Napoli knew how to deal with the situation next time.

He posted an image of the Juventus bus parked outside the San Siro ahead of their game against Milan. He was simply sending a message that Juve will honour their games even with missing players.