Andrea Agnelli remains a strong believer in the European Super League despite the obstacles the protagonists face in reviving the idea.

He alongside the leading figures at Real Madrid and Barcelona are the remaining supporters of the idea and they remain determined to break the monopoly of UEFA.

Agnelli lost his prestigious position as the head of the ECA and the latest leader of the European club body is PSG’s Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

The Qatari businessman is strongly against the ESL idea and has remained opposed to it.

As PSG visited Turin to face Juventus in the Champions League last night, the president of both clubs met earlier in the day as is the normal tradition.

A report on Calciomercato reveals Agnelli and Al-Khelaifi had lunch at a restaurant in town and discussed a few issues.

They reveal that Juve supremo tried to sell the ESL idea to him again, but the businessman maintained that football needed to stay open for anyone to win or lose.

Juve FC Says

Al-Khelaifi is enjoying a prestigious position in European football now and he will not want to make the same mistakes that Agnelli made.

That will require him to stay loyal to UEFA and work against the ESL idea as long as he retains his position.