Andrea Agnelli was the president of the European Clubs Association before agreeing to join the European Super League, removing himself from the prestigious position and renouncing Juventus’ membership.

However, he has just resigned from his position as the club’s president, bringing a new era to the organisation, which fans hope will be a good era.

A report in England via Football Italia reveals the Bianconeri could be admitted back to the organisation now that Agnelli has left, as UEFA is keen to ensure everyone is back together in one family.

Juve FC Says

Agnelli was one of the leaders of the Super League and that ensured Juventus continued to support the idea.

The Bianconeri has not made a statement about their stance on the idea yet, but it is very likely they will continue to support it to continue the legacy of Agnelli.

This has been a troubling time for us as a club and the return to ECA or anything concerning the Super League should be the least of our worries.

Unless we are asked to decide where we stand, there is no need for the new leaders to make a decision on the Super League imminently, so we should focus on other more important business.