It all started with a crisis that spelled the end of his predecessor, and now it ends with the club in the middle of an even bigger storm.

But between the two troublesome periods, Andrea Agnelli’s 12-year tenure at the head of Juventus certainly had its glorious moments.

The former patron who resigned from office on Monday leaves behind a legacy that includes nine Scudetto titles, five Coppa Italia trophies and two Champions League finals.

So whether we love him or hate him, we must admit that the resigned president had made some great calls which certainly benefitted the club, before ruining a once glorious tenure with some baffling decisions.

While we’re certainly talk about his shortcoming later on, for now, let’s pay tribute for the former president by recalling his five wisest calls.

5. Improving Infrastructure

Perhaps this one isn’t noticeable to the naked eye of the supporter, but it certainly has a great positive effect on the club and the players.

Although the new stadium project had been overseen by his predecessor Jean-Claude Blanc, Agnelli went on in the same direction, building the club’s advanced training ground at Continassa, the J-Medical and other important facilities.

This has recently been brought to light by Cristiano Ronaldo who aimed a dig at Man United’s aging facilities and the same goes for the Brazilian national team who enjoyed their stay at Continassa before departing towards Doha.

4. Launching Women team

In the current day and age, Women’s football is enjoying a great boost in terms of popularity and advancement.

Not to be left behind, the club didn’t just launch Juventus Women in 2017, but immediately asserted dominance over the Italian landscape, winning five Scudetto titles in a row, and cementing themselves as the first Italian club to genuinely compete with the traditional European giants.

3. Juventus Next Gen

In 2018, Juventus became the first club to launch an U23 squad, allowing their youngsters to compete against professionals in Serie C.

While it took us a while to see the results, the likes of Fabio Mitetti, Nicolò Fagioli and Samuel Iling-Junior have emerged to the scene, proving that the Next Gen can truly act as a factory that produces rising stars worthy of the senior squad.

2. Hiring Conte

Just like Agnelli, Antonio Conte is a widely controversial figure amongst Juventus fans these days. But when the current Spurs boss was in charge of the first team, he was the toast of the town in Turin.

The former captain was instrumental in launching the nine-year winning dynasty, even if he only spent three seasons at the club before his sudden departure in 2014.

The former Juventus manager re-implemented a strong character and a winning culture that had been missing for a while.

1. Appointing Marotta

Despite possessing all the charisma in the world, Conte wouldn’t have done it without the right tools under his disposal, which leads us to the man who Agnelli had entrusted in building a winning squad.

Giuseppe Marotta is one of the greatest general directors in Italian football history. His shrewd business allowed Juventus to gather a superb squad that turned the club’s fortunes upside-down.

It’s not coincidence that the club’s downfall began when he left his post, usurped by his longtime pupil Fabio Paratici.

The club threw Marotta and his cautious approach out of the window, and are arguably paying the price of that ill-advised call.