Andrea Agnelli has reportedly given contradictory testimony in the Luis Suarez language test investigation.

Juve is still being investigated for their involvement in an alleged language test fraud when they wanted to sign Suarez in the summer.

The Bianconeri had filled their non-European quota and they needed the striker to pass an Italian language test so that he can get Italian citizenship and join them as a European player.

He passed the test, but he allegedly already knew the questions before he went in for the exams.

Juve denies helping him pass the exams fraudulently, but the prosecutors are convinced that they have a strong case.

La Repubblica via Football Italia published excerpts from Agnelli’s testimony to the prosecutors in which he said: “I do not deal with the contractual conditions as the negotiations are followed by the sports area within the limits of the budget.

“I don’t remember if I was informed about the exam. I knew about it from papers and I remember I called the player once to thank him for being so out in the open.”

However, Corriere della Sera via the same source says it contradicts what former Juventus manager Maurizio Lombardo had said.

“On August 30 2020, before sending an email to the lawyer Zaldua, I tried to get the all-clear from Paratici,” his testimony is reported to have said.

“In the reply, he wrote to send it to President Andrea Agnelli first and then the player’s lawyer. I replied that I had already sent the proposal to the President an hour earlier, because Paratici had already told me to proceed.

“The President never replied to the email, but Paratici told me he’d spoken to him and I could proceed in dealing with lawyer Zaldua.”