Juventus manager Max Allegri has acknowledged the need to reduce the number of players in the squad as they prepare for the upcoming campaign. With the club not participating in European competitions next season, they will have a less congested fixture schedule, playing only once a week. This reduced workload will provide ample rest and recovery time for the players between matches.

While having a deep squad can be advantageous, Allegri recognises that having too many players can create difficulties, particularly in terms of team selection and maintaining a cohesive playing style. To optimize the squad’s efficiency and ensure better team dynamics, Juventus aims to offload some players and streamline their roster.

By trimming the squad, the Bianconeri can create a more focused and manageable group of players, which could ultimately lead to improved performances and better results on the pitch. Allegri’s willingness to address the issue head-on demonstrates his commitment to building a balanced and competitive team for the challenges ahead.

The gaffer said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“We have many young players who are up to it, they will slowly grow up, some will go and play elsewhere since we will only have one game a week: having a squad with too many players can be harmful for those who will have less space. We need to find the right path for these guys who have important qualities.”

Juve FC Says

We need a reasonable number of players to deliver fine performances in the league and cup next season.

It would not be the hardest of campaigns for us, so there probably is no need to keep too many players, which means several of them will be inactive.