Juventus manager Max Allegri has admitted his players are now feeling the points they lost because of the deduction for using capital gains.

The Bianconeri ended their bad run of form with a win against Lazio in the Coppa Italia last night.

That win means they are now in the semi-final of the competition and have a good chance of winning it.

However, Allegri could tell that the deduction is a burden on his men and said via Il Bianconero:

“The team had a good game, a good answer and it wasn’t easy. Easy to say from the outside that we too have many goals, but the 15 point deck makes itself felt. We came from an ugly defeat with Monza, as an attitude I took two avoidable goals. Tonight the team was on the field, they made good game plots in the first half as in the second. Without unleashing the speed of Lazio. Nice performance”.  

Juve FC Says

The points deduction is a major issue and has affected us for much of the last few weeks, even though some of our players tried to play down its effect.

No team will lose that many points and it will not affect them, so it is important that our players stay focused and continue to work hard so we can finish well even if the deductions are not overturned.