Juventus coach Max Allegri has admitted the Bianconeri are interested in signing Galatasaray midfielder Wesley Sneijder.

The Dutch midfielder has been linked with a move to Turin in the last week while Galatasaray coach Hamza Hamzaoglu said he’d listen to offers for the player if Sneijder asked to leave.

“We have no intention of selling him, but of course there are going to be rumours during the transfer window,” Coach Hamzaoglu told reporters yesterday.

“If he came to me and told me he wanted to leave, then we’d talk about it.”

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s match against Inter Milan, Allegri addressed the rumours surrounding the former Nerazzurri man.

“I’ve spoken with the club and we have some very clear ideas,” the Coach told journalists.

“The other teams have already made their moves, but reinforcing Juventus isn’t a simple task. I think you can reinforce and also complete. It’s not a secret, we’re looking for an offensive playmaker and a defender, so I think that’s where Juventus will move over January.

“It makes no difference whether they get here in three days, in one week or on January 30. The sooner the better, of course, so they can start fitting in.

“But for the moment the most important thing, I think, is having recovered everyone from injury, and especially having come back with drive after one week of holiday, because we needed that. I don’t mind January for the mercato operations, I only mind it if we’re not winning. As long as we’re doing that, the mercato can stay open till June for all I care.

“About Sneijder, let’s see if he comes before speculating on where he’ll play. For the moment he’s still a player with Galatasaray.

“The objective for Juventus has to be that of improving the team. And to improve on the technical level we must get players who are, qualitatively speaking, at the same level as those we already have, or even better. I think this team has the possibility of improving, regardless of the characteristics of the players. Sneijder of course has some great technical qualities and he’s proven that over his career.

“He’d be completing a strong midfield, which would also create competition in that department, and that’s important.

“January is a strange market. We have to be realistic and see which players we can get, and some of those can’t play in the Champions League. That’s not to say the Champions League is a secondary goal, because it’s a primary goal.

“When we prepare to face Borussia Dortmund we’re not doing it just to play two games, but to progress, because I think this team has the ability to progress in the Champions League. We’re convinced of that, because we showed it in the group stage.”