Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has net with coach Max Allegri with reports suggesting he may remain for another season.

A long-awaited meeting was expected to take place yesterday and while there were doubts over the time of the meeting, parts of the Italian press suggest that the pair met late in the evening.

Turin based La Stampa report that the meeting took place away from prying eyes, hence the two leaving the Continassa centre after training was complete yesterday.

According to the report, Agnelli wishes to continue with Allegri in charge, citing his comment to a fan the previous week where he reportedly said: “Allegri remains, but the rest depends on him.”

A renewal has also been proposed by Agnelli, trying Allegri to Juventus until 2021 with an improved salary of €8m per season, but the Juve coach also reportedly has an offer from PSG this summer.

Reports from different parts of the press all point to Allegri wanting a massive overhaul to the squad, a ‘revolution’ as cited by Corriere Torino and Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Should he choose not to remain, La Stampa suggest Allegri’s contract will be terminated by mutual consent and the Bianconeri will look to a new name for the bench.

Antonio Conte was touted, however La Stampa report that Agnelli has ruled him out.

Mauricio Pochettino, Pep Guardiola and Diduier Deschamps are big names, but for different reasons they may be difficult to approach.

The plan B for Juventus could be Simone Inzaghi, fresh from his Italian Cup against Atalanta yesterday.